Stoned, By Shelley Munro

**This book contains Male/Male Relations**
Life is a chariot race for Marc Angelo and Tarquin Navona. Friends, rivals and rock stars of Circus Maximus in ancient Rome, they wow the fans with their daring driving and take their choice of lovers. A fine life indeed—if Marc weren’t harboring feelings for Tarquin. It’s difficult to behave normally when he craves physical contact with his friend’s muscular body, but Marc resists, too afraid of losing Tarquin entirely. He needn’t have worried. Fate has plans for them. Very long-term plans…
When a powerful sorcerer catches Marc and Tarquin with his wife, he curses them to imprisonment in stone. Centuries pass, and Marc’s love and lust for Tarquin only increase. His friend doesn’t have a clue, but that’s the least of their problems. They have no idea how to escape their predicament—and may be doomed to spend eternity Stoned.
I have read a few books by this author before and I haven’t been let down yet.  This book certainly kept my interest and I actually was left wanting more of the story.
We get to meet Marc and Tarquin in this story, and are able to follow their story from before they are Stoned, until after they are free.  I think that considering the short length of this story, there was enough back story and  interesting facts about the characters that it was still a fulfilling story.
The only thing that I am slightly confused about is how Marc and Tarquin ended up becoming unstoned.  The feelings that Marc was feeling towards Tarquin were very sweet to read about.  He had been fighting them through all the years, yet he was finally willing to risk it all for a chance at happiness.
This story was very sweet and not at all what I was expecting when I started the book. I would recommend it to my  followers who enjoy the M/M genre!