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Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.
Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.
Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?
Usually I do enjoy paranormal books and even the smutty books, but with this one I was left wanting.  This is going to be strange for me to say but I felt like the smut part of the book seemed to overtake the paranormal aspect of the  story.  But onto the book!
This is the second book in the series, and I do feel as though you should read the first one before this one.  (I didn’t do that so I was kinda confused while reading this.)  Now there is plenty of information about what the Agency does, I just feel like if I had read the first one certain part’s would have made better sense to me.
There were quite a few characters that have “leading roles” in this book, and to me that was confusing because the author seemed to switch character perspectives with every chapter, and sometimes even in the middle of a chapter. So with that being said, I also don’t think that there was a lot of character development done with each of the characters because there so many of them.
I did enjoy the storyline of this book however, and I do think that if given the chance I will read book 1 in the series.  There was a lot of drama and action that was packed in the story that kept my attention, and kept me wanting to read more about what was happening with Smoke and the other characters.
Overall, my recommendation is that you should read the first book and then read this one.  Especially if you enjoy paranormal books with the smutty factor in them.
They all shifted to human-form, standing in the shelter of the trees under the cloud cover and snow filtered mid-morning light. No movement, no sound, nothing came from Smoke’s pack site. With Chance pointing at each, Dir, Damen, and Trevor, to take a different direction, they dispersed.
Any other time Trevor might have enjoyed running naked in the snow, but today his heart stuck in his throat, tremors of need waded through him and it disgusted him. Fine hairs of Lindsey’s arousal flitted in the air and struck him like a baseball bat to the head. It lured him on to a snow-covered deck. Trevor opened the door of a small cabin. Lindsey’s scent poured over him. He stood paralyzed. Damen shoved past him.
“Is it your primal-mate’s scent in this room?” Damen stomped around, looking through drawers and across tables. “Well, it’s everywhere if it is.”
Trevor struggled, wanting to smash Damen’s face in and not understanding why. He stepped into the room. Her scent blasted against him, touching, spiraling from every direction. He stopped in the center of the room and instantly grew hard for her.
“Arousal isn’t going to get her back,” Damen shot. Chance walked in right then or Trevor would have nailed Damen. Chance glared from one to the other, gaze dropping to notice Trevor’s state.
“What’d you find in here? Anything useful?” Chance asked.
“Only that this must have been where they kept Lindsey. Her fragrance fills the place,” Trevor spat. Anyone with half a nose could pick up the arousal interspersed in Lindsey’s scent.
“Well, it just might be her smell that carries us to where everyone went. For some reason, it’s the only one uncloaked. You don’t suppose she ran off before the others?” Chance looked thoughtful. “It’d explain why her scent is the only one we can pick up.”
Dir walked in just then. “Lindsey’s trace loops around this cabin and goes off into the forest from the backside. There’s so much snowfall, tracks are pretty much covered. But, I think there’s enough of her aroma to hold us on the trail.”
“You don’t think this is a trap, do you?” Damen stared at Chance, then at Trevor.
Trevor still wanted to punch him.
“Her scent outside is at least a day old, if not longer. Human female scents in the big building are only hours old. They saturate the inside, but there’s nothing outside. So, I’m betting they used the camouflage drug, Total Eclipse, on them,” Dir stated.
“I took in most of the perimeter. Saw no one, but I caught Lindsey’s tang as well,” Chance added. “I say we go wolf and follow it. But no pack-communication. None. Is that clear?”
“Gotcha,” Dir answered. He moved away from the door and everyone filed out of the cabin. Trevor couldn’t wait to get out and go wolf-form to hide his arousal. This capture would be the hardest for him and yet the most wanted. He needed to know which side of the fence Lindsey would choose so he could finally move on. Stagnated was a bitch.
Olivia endures a thirty-four year passionless marriage, discovering her dead husband’s philandering history at his funeral. She devotes her energy and life-long sensitivity with animals to her wildlife refuge and preserve.
Chance, a Lycan alpha and leader of the Lycan International Investigation Agency (LIIA) throws himself into his investigations. He chooses to neglect his duty of finding a primal-mate after watching his father become an empty shell over the loss of his.

A murderous rogue pack draws Chance onto Olivia’s wildlife preserve, sending Olivia’s animal sensitivities into overdrive. Chance and Olivia discover a sizzling force driving them together.
Will they succumb to its enticing tether, or fight to resume their loveless lives apart?
Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it’s also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She’ll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making  her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband… you get the idea). You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.


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