Pieces of Rhys, By L.D. Davis

My name is Lindsey. I like extreme gardening, really good beer, obese cats, and my sexy, hot, delicious, yummy, melt in your mouth coworker Rhys. I don’t like rude behavior (especially from obese cats), my
abusive ex-husband Gary or his mother, and I don’t like to share my toothbrush with even the likes of sex gods like Rhys.

Not too long ago, Rhys suddenly became aware of the fact that I am a real life, breathing and thinking woman. Being full-figured and short, I didn’t think this would ever be possible. I mean, he’s so hot, and while I’m not at all unattractive…it’s just that he’s so FINE. Normally, I don’t think that male sluts are at all worthy of my attention, but under all of his booty calls and one nighters, Rhys is actually a very decent guy and I tend to forget – or at least forgive – the fact that he’s a philanderer (even though the evidence of this is often a little too close for comfort). I know, you think I’m stupid, right? But he seems to really care for me, and I truly believe that there’s some dark secret that keeps him from committing to me. So, if he can only give me pieces at a time until the truth is uncovered, so be it.
But will it cost me my heart in the end? Or something even worse?

I think there needs to be more BBW romance.  I mean, in real life women aren’t a size two with perfect boobs that look perfect in any kind of clothes.  It’s kind of nice to read about a heroine with curves, a bootie and weakness for sweets!
Especially when that heroine is pursued and has her world rocked by a hottie.  Yes, please!
This is Lindsay’s story.  She’s had not so great experiences with men, namely her asshat ex-husband.  Lindsay works with and is secretly enamored with Rhys.  Can’t say that I blame her, the man is sex on a stick, even if it’s just in my
imagination.  They begin to see one another and let’s just say, I liked being privy to what happened behind closed
doors for this book.  However, there is conflict and Lindsay has some tough choices to make.  It doesn’t go quite where you think it’s going to go in the beginning, and that’s what makes this story stand out from others in this genre.  And the ending is so sweet…that Rhys is a keeper!Another thing I liked about this book is that it was
funny!  Sure, it’s a bit unrealistic in parts, but it’s a fun ride.  I found Lindsay’s character to be hilarious.  There were definite moments where I laughed out loud.  I do wish that the book has expanded its plot a bit.  I didn’t feel myself getting really caught up in what was happening in the book, though it did keep my attention.  Near the end, I found myself kind of wondering how we got to where we were.  I didn’t really agree with some of Lindsay’s choices concerning her life, and I think that hinges on the fact that I felt her motivations weren’t fully fleshed out for the reader.  Other than that, I did enjoy this book.  3.5 stars for me!