Madeleine, Abducted By M.S. Willis

She was meant to be his destruction…
A pawn played in a perilous game between father and son…
Yet, her strength was more than either man could imagine.
As Maddy learns to save herself…
She becomes the one thing that could set the son free.
Madeleine Clark was raised to become a concert cellist. Sheltered and naïve, she remains hidden behind her music, a protection from the world around her. On the night of her first solo performance, Maddy accepts the admiration of a stranger and finds herself captive in a cruel and twisted power struggle between a sadistic father and his son, Aaron.

Seemingly dangerous and uncaring, Aaron manages the business operations of his father’s estate. Wanting nothing to do with the slaves kept at the Estate, Aaron refuses to take part in the deeper depravities of his father. Despite his resistance, Aaron’s father ‘gifts’ him with a petite, brunette woman he can’t refuse.

A bond forged in conspiracy and deceit, Aaron struggles to save Maddy by teaching her to survive in the world in which he’d been raised. An unlikely union, Aaron soon learns that great strengths can exist within small packages, while Madeleine learns that love and light can exist in the darkest of places.
                I feel like I should start this review off saying, that if you enjoyed M.S. Willis’s Control series, THIS BOOK IS NOTHING LIKE THEM!  There are parts of this book that are graphic, disturbing and overall just creepy.  This is also the first book in the series!  By that I mean, there is a lot of background information that you are being told, which is why at certain parts the story seems to drag along.  But if you go into this knowing that it is the first in the series, then you will be able to understand the beginning of this story better.
                In an effort to be completely honest, I didn’t like Madeleine at all in the beginning of the book.  There was just something about her that made me want to smack her a few times because of her actions and her personality.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the book that I started to like her, because of her ability to stand up and help Aaron when he needed it.  Now Aaron’s character he is a different story.  There were times where I completely enjoyed him, but other parts where I didn’t really understand his actions.
                I think that there could have been more background on both of those characters in the sense that we don’t really know WHY Aaron is the way that he is today.  What happened that caused him to take that path in life?  While there was some information about The Estate, there wasn’t a ton of information about how it started.  I’m hoping that in the future books, we will learn more about that.
                The story itself was really interesting to follow along; it was a different twist on the Master/slave relationship than many that I have read.  Unlike some of the Master/slave with a dark twist books out there, this one has a very minimal rape scene in it.  And I enjoyed the fact that it only had the 1 scene.  The relationship that progresses is one that is consensual later on in the book.
                Overall I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it to others!