Long Ride Home, By Elizabeth Hunter

Welcome to Cambio Springs.In this small desert town, secrets bubble up from the desert floor, and history is written on the canyon walls. Seven friends will gather at the crossroads, because in Cambio Springs, everything—and everyone—changes.

Jena Crowe escaped the Springs ten years ago. Now, she’s heading home with two boys to start a new life. With her husband’s ghost keeping her company on the road, Jena will learn that moving back and moving backward aren’t necessarily the same thing, and sometimes the places you try to escape are exactly where you need to fall.

Three nights to say goodbye. Three days to come to grips with the future. For Jena and her two sons, it’s going to be a long ride home.

This is a short story by paranormal writer Elizabeth Hunter! This is the prequel to The Cambio Springs!
As soon as I started reading Long Ride Home I was captivated by the writing of this author. You first learn that Jena’s husband Lowell has already passed away and she has lost the true love of her life. Once you realize that Lowell is now a ghost and travelling in the car with her and her two boys on her way back to her hometown to start over. You don’t want the car ride to end as the relationship between the two is very dynamic! She is a mess with losing her husband and now having to raise her kids in the hometown that Jena and Lowell ran from 10 years ago. You’re afraid that when she reaches her destination that the ghost of Lowell will be leaving her as he was with her to make sure that she arrives where she actually belongs.
Even though the novel is only 23 pages, it is a great prequel to her full length novels The Cambio Springs.  At the end of the story there is a big paranormal surprise which sets up the series. I was completely thrown and didn’t see that surprise coming.
Once I was finished the short story I was already so in love with the characters that I am now a true Elizabeth Hunter fan and can’t wait to start The Cambio Springs!
If you’re looking for a glimpse into a great series of love, heartbreak and paranormal activity then Long Ride Home is a great start for you. I highly recommend this short story!