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When Cricket Hooper moves to Seattle she only has a couple of goals—find a job and an apartment near her friend Chelle, and basically to live a quiet, normal life. However, it isn’t long before life becomes far from normal.
When a mysterious man helps get her car out of the mud after she makes a wrong turn, she finds herself in his thrall. He wines and dines her, quite literally, and before Cricket can stop it, things are steamy and serious…very serious. 
Cricket is thrown aback when Jyme turns out to be more than a simple fisherman, but then she isn’t telling all of her story either. 
At first, I thought one of two things.  One, this was story about a woman and her deep love of high heeled shoes.  Or two, this was a paranormal romance tale.  What can I say?  Didn’t nail it!
Cricket has just gotten away from her third and self-proclaimed final engagement.  She decides to move as far away from home as she can to get away from her life, and ends up moving to the Pacific Northwest.  Once there, she does some sight-seeing and ends up on an Indian reservation stuck in the mud.  This is where she meets Jyme, who helps her out of her mud pickle while simultaneously frightening her and offending the hell out of her.  From there, Jyme seeks her out and love blossoms, all while she is struggling to find her place in her new life, both at work and personally.
This wasn’t a bad book, but for me, the story wasn’t nuanced enough.  The action seemed to move very, very fast, and there was little to no set up for how the plot unfolded.  It was just kind of like BAM!  There you have it. Personally, I prefer for the plot and character development to unfold more organically.  This wasn’t a short story either, it’s actually part one with a follow-up book, so the author could have taken her time to introduce us to the characters so that we could understand their motivations a bit better.  The writing wasn’t confusing or anything; I could follow the story just fine. It just lacked the kind of depth that I need to draw me into a story and its characters.  Overall, I found most of the character and plot development to be shallow.
The saving grace of this novel for me was Jyme.  Who cares if I’m not sure if his name is pronounced “Jim” or “Jime”, I’ll just refer to him as rock hard ab man from this point going forward.  Because that’s all you need to know of Jyme, he’s a Native American owner of rock hard abs.  And he’s sweet with the ability to take a woman with a hardened heart and make her love again.  *SWOON*
All in all, this wasn’t a bad book.  Towards the end it got a bit confounding for me, with some of the events that take place I found myself staring at the computer thinking “Well, that makes no sense”.
But, I want to give this book the benefit of the doubt and read book 2.  Perhaps then we’ll get somewhere and it won’t seem so confusing to me.  As it stands now, by itself, I give it 3.5 stars.
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