Hard-Ass Is Here By, S.C. Wynne

*This book contains Male Male Relations*
Senior Analyst Taylor Williams knows there’s a embezzler at Peterton Financial, and he’s been doing everything he can to catch the crook. Unfortunately the numbers keep adding up to him being the thief.When corporate sends in Regional Manager, Phillip Daniels to catch the crook, it’s obvious he suspects Taylor right off the bat. Phillip is gorgeous, sexy as hell and a hard ass. But when it comes to sexual attraction logic can’t compete.
Even though Phillip suspects Taylor might be the thief, he can’t keep himself from bringing him into his bed, time and time again.

Will the numbers add up to a happy ending for these two?

Senior Analyst Taylor Williams works for Peterton Financial. He is working on trying to catch an embezzler but unfortunately everything is pointing to him as the thief in the company. He has gone over all the paper work  numerous times and still can’t find anything proving his innocence.Corporate offices send in  Regional Manager Phillip Daniels to help the office catch the thief. Once he arrives he is introduced too Taylor and sparks fly but not the ones you think. Phillip is now Taylor’s boss. He orders him too look over all the statements and financials and Taylor informs Phillip that he and his team has already done this. Well Phillip, the Hard ASS, informs him I am your boss so get it done! Now red flags are jumping up for Phillip as Taylor could be the embezzler. Even though Phillip suspects Taylor as the thief, that doesn’t stop him from taking Taylor to bed many times. The sexual chemistry is in full force with these hot men.

You want to hate Philipp as he comes in and treats everyone, especially Taylor, so badly and he does live up to his name as The Hard Ass. I loved how Taylor would give it right back too Philipp, almost to the point of being fired but that doesn’t happen as Philipp wants him naked in his bed!

Now the questions remain! Even though Phillip has targeted Taylor as the thief and also has strong feeling for him both sexually and emotionally, how will it affect their relationship? Is Taylor guilty of embezzlement and will they make it as a couple?

I enjoyed this short novel and the chemistry that Wynn has written was very enticing to read. My only problem was that since it was a small novel, the author could have spent more time on the emotional relationship between the two men. This is book one and the continuing story is coming out in December. I will definitely read it too see how their love continues.