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He told her How He Really Feels and had his heart broken. Now Travis Miller is trying to move on from the greatest heartbreak of his life by getting out of town. But two nights before his big move to
California, Travis meets a mystery woman who grabs hold of his broken heart and gives him hope that he can piece it back together. Will Travis ever figure out What He Really Feels, or will he be stuck on his first love forever? Will he find his happily ever after?
What He Really Feels contains some adult situations and is intended for mature readers.
“Hey, you,” she murmured.
“Hey, gorgeous,” I said, not knowing what else to call her, feeling foolish that I didn’t know something as important as her name after the intimacy we’d shared but unsure how to ask after so much time had passed.
“Come here,” she demanded softly, and I obliged, setting my cup of coffee down on my bedside table first and then taking off my basketball shorts. I pulled her into me, my arm under her head as she cuddled into my shoulder and threw her arm around my waist. Somehow her small body molded perfectly to mine. I lazily drew circles on her lower back with my thumb, idly thinking that my most favorite part of a  woman’s body were the little dimples on her back right above her ass. And the woman sharing my bed had the singular most perfect back and ass I had ever seen in my life.
“Mm. That feels like heaven,” she said, so I kept doing it.
She looked up at me, and I recognized that same look from the night before. She wanted it.
“Again?” I asked, exhausted from our physical night together.
“If you’re up for it.”
I pushed my erection into her hip. “What do you think?” I grinned at her. She pressed a kiss to my chest, and in that moment I knew I had to find a way to hold onto her.
Moving lightning fast, I scooped her up and then threw her down, pinning her to the bed beneath me. I grabbed both of her hands in mine and held them above her head, and then I licked my way down her neck to her breast. I suckled for a moment, savoring the pretty pink tip in my mouth, and then I kissed my way back up to her mouth. She kissed back, that same abandon evident in her, inhibitions apparently checked at the door.
I don’t think I had ever been so hard for a woman in my entire life. It was painful, and I needed to alleviate the pressure by being inside of her warmth. So I did.
I let go of her hands, and they were immediately on me, one tangled in my hair and the other pulling my ass toward her. I let my erection lay heavy against her entrance for a moment as I kissed her, the soft  moans escaping her mouth spurring me on. I gazed down into her dark eyes and saw lust. And something else.
Something that told me that she was into me as more than a no strings attached type thing.
This is the second book in the series, so do not go any further until you have read book 1, people!  Otherwise, you will be lost!  Lost, I tell you!
Now that the warning is out of the way, where do I start?  How about with Travis?  After reading the first book, I just felt bad for Travis.  I mean, the poor guy was in love with his best friend Jules, told her, did other things with her, and she ends up picking the other guy.  So, here we are with Travis, trying to move on and get over his heartbreak.  So, he’s doing what most people do…sleeping
with random women, drinking…he knows he needs to get his stuff together, so he decides to move to San Diego.  His last night in town, he meets a woman, has an anonymous one night stand with
her.  Afterward, he can’t get her out of his mind.  When he gets to San Diego, guess who lives there?  Yeah, I think you can guess!I really liked this book.  It’s told from Travis’ POV, which is something I really like.  I thought the story was told in an amusing and crafty way, with undertones of heart break.   It was written really well and had great character development, which is  one of the most important things to me. It plot also took me a bit by surprise. Let’s just say that Jules is not gone from his life, even with his attempt to move on.  This book does have a cliffhanger, and it  leaves you wondering what the final chapter of Travis and Jules’ story is going to be.  So, consider yourself warned, this is not the final installment and you will get involved in the story of these people! 4 stars.

Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do.

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