The Juice Tour Stop!!

The Juice is the second book in the trilogy “The Senses”. In the first book “The Scent” we met Herve and his avatar Richard. They were unaware they had been selected by the African queen to assist her in the production of the Pokako juice and to its safe keeping. The Scent detailed the story of how Richard discovered the women who had the ability to squirt their orgasmic fluid and responded only to Richard and the Pokako juice. And then how to gather the juice and preserve it. In The Scent they realized that the juice in its Aerosol form was a very powerful pheromone .Women found the fragrance sexually irresistible. The Pokako juice perfume insured that Richards’ sexual appetite was satisfied every night he went out wearing the pokako perfume.
In The Juice we follow the journey of the queen and her assistant Lilliana along with Richard to keep the Juice safe and out of the hands of the queen’s enemy.
It shows how the juice changed the physicality and personality of everyone involved in its safety and production. If  not prepared properly the Pokako juice is deadly. It has the ability to alter the shape of the red blood cells which mutate into the sickle cell. There is no cure for the mutated sickle cell, which in the human body steals the oxygen from the red blood cells. The result being a slow painful organ death. The mutation of the cell becomes genetic and is passed down from mother to daughter. Until the family line is wiped out.
The queen is no ordinary queen as we see her use the power of the ancient African medicine men and we learn of the origin of the bad juice and how she and Lilliana will ultimately change the world once they learn to control the juice.
You will meet all of the people who help the queen succeed in implementing the baby steps to a more rational world. How Richard’s sexual appetite, with the help of the juice, continues to make many women very happy.
He was born in New York and raised in New York. He attended private elementary and middle school, and went to a public high school, city college, and then to university, all located in New York. I guess you could call him a “New Yorker.”
His views about life were shaped by life in New York City. He learned to eat fast, walk fast, talk fast, think fast, and live fast. To him, New York is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. It has the most diverse amalgam of languages, ethnicities, and foods. Life is unpredictable. Before I started my business, I decided to take a vacation to the island of Jamaica. It was wintertime and the ads for Jamaica showing beautiful women bathing in waterfalls just caught my imagination.
He stayed in Kingston and had a great time. On the flight back he was seated next to a Jamaican girl whom he fell in love with immediately. And she fell in love with him. They stayed together for four years. During that time he learned about the culture and their commitment to family and all things Jamaican. Unfortunately, their families had very strong opinions about marrying outside of your race and your religion. Those were the times, we soon drifted apart.
Our unfilled dreams had a permanent home in my mind. I never forgot her. So, I guess I wrote this fantasy to make up for all those years without her. With the help of Richard, my Avatar, we have begun to look for her. Take care, Margery.