Gambling Heart, By Thom Lane

**This book contains Male Male Relations**
Jay should be a very happy slave boy. His new master is young, hot, affectionate, and no stricter than he needs to be. Also rich now, thanks to one night’s hectic gambling. But the man who lost all that money – and his slave boy too – wants his revenge. He wants everything back, including Jay, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

It’s dangerous to challenge so much wealth and influence, let alone to defeat them – and that’s only the start of the trouble for Jay and his master Jensen. Jay has a secret, that he’s kept hidden from all the men who’ve owned him. Now that’s going to lead him and his master too down strange roads in stranger company, and into deadly danger, eventually into Hell itself…
I really hate giving bad reviews to books, I really do.  Usually, just because I don’t like book per say, doesn’t mean that someone who is following the blog will have the same feelings towards it.
With that being said, I don’t feel like I can give an honest review of a book without being completely honest.That was the case with this book.  While I did enjoy how the book was told from the slave’s perspective, after the first 30% of the book, it started getting very repetitive.  To me, the author seemed to repeat themselves quite a bit with certain phrases and understandings to what a slave is supposed to do.
That is why I gave this book 2 stars because I felt with each chapter that I read further I was just reading the same thing over and over.