Firecracker Under Pressure, By Megan Flint

Trixie Harridan wants to juggle two guys, but it just got a lot harder.

Cy returns from the country with a big surprise, but it’s not what you think. He’s moved into the city. The change is sudden, but Trixie loves that Cy knows what he wants and goes after it, especially when it’s her body.

Erik, a different flavor, is worried about hurting Trixie with his hulking size, but it’s his feral nature that she craves between her legs. Trixie wants to be pillaged and will do anything to awaken
Erik’s inner savage.
With confident prowess in one hand and primal domination in the other, Trixie is stretching her limits, but can’t say no to either man.
I have to say, the drama that takes place in this book was just amazing; to a maximum extent.  There were times where I was laughing hysterically because of what was going on with Trixie.   What other problems could this girl get into?
You think you got everything figured out with her, and she goes and throws something completely different at you.  It ends up being off the wall hilarious.  I will say this, the last sentence, I COMPLETELY saw that coming!  There is just something throughout the story that it made complete sense.
Now with that being said, we get Trixie dealing with Cy AND Erik because Cy decides to move to the city.  While he says it’s not because of her, I think it is.  We have Erik who still wants to be with her.  Trixie, who is unsure who she wants to be with, so let’s just say DRAMA!!
Throughout the story, the smut factor is still there.  This time we get it with both guys, not at the same time so don’t get your hopes up about that!  And we are left wondering who she is going to choose.  If you have enjoyed the other books in the series, this one is a must read!