Firecracker Takes Aim, By Megan Flint

Trixie Harridan can’t keep her worlds apart. It turns out the two men she’s been sleeping with work together.

Erik hired Cy as a masseuse at his fitness center and Trixie is afraid that talk around the water cooler will reveal her to be the ginger-haired harlot they both share in common.

Meanwhile, Erik’s former friend-with-benefits and business partner, Vanessa, has been eyeing Cy like a strip-loin steak, causing Trixie to marinate him in a lustful wave of ownership sex.

Shortly thereafter, when Erik innocently books Trixie a massage with Cy as a treat, she’s suddenly caught between both men at the same time, and hard pressed to ignore her sweet tooth.


                I have read all of the Firecrackers series up till now and I do have to say, I think that this book has been my favorite of them all so far.
                When we left Trixie in Firecracker Under Pressure, she finds out that Cy’s new job was working at the fitness center that Erik owned.  (Can we say DRAMA!!!)  So like everyone else who has been reading this series, I’m sure that you were wondering what is going to happen in this book.  Well let’s just say, I’m completely shocked at how this book ended.
                There is plenty of time spent with Trixie and Erik and Trixie and Cy.  Oh and I could tell you so much more but I don’t want to ruin the story!
                Unlike the last book, I so didn’t see the ending of this book coming while I was reading it.  We are not left wanting anything when it comes to the smut in this book because it surpassed any
expectations that I may have had.
                With the way that this book ends, we are completely left with a HUGE cliffhanger and I am left wondering what it is that Trixie is going to do in the next book.