Firecracker Gone Astray, By Megan Flint

Trixie Harridan has met an amazing guy. After gorging her sexual appetite with Cy all weekend, she feels a hollow ache when he returns to work out of town. He promises to return soon, but three weeks feels like an eternity. Seeking distraction, Trixie signs up for a fitness class, but can’t tell if she’s there to firm up her backside or make amends with Erik, the Herculean class instructor from her past. Perhaps they can do both at the same time.
When we last seen Trixie, I was left wondering what the heck that girl could come up with next!  I suppose looking back, after reading the book I could see how after the time she had spent with Cy why she would start looking into her past relationships.  And seeing what exactly it was that had went wrong, and to figure out why she left them.
I wasn’t that shocked when she went seeking out Erik.  Well I do have to say, her seeking out Eric was completely HAWT.  That was INSANE.   Holy tomato sauce, I will never be able to read a shower scene without thinking about this one.
With that being said and done, we didn’t learn too much more about her in this story.  I think this book was more about the smut factor than anything.  And trust me the smut factor was really high
in this story.  And I wasn’t left  disappointed in anything from that area.
The one thing that I did enjoy about this book, were the cat fights.  I’m sorry you can’t have a smutty book like this and not have cat fights.  Especially when you have a character as hot as Erik.  HOLY WOWZER.
I do have to give the author complete props for the fact that she is able to describe the males in such a way that you can visualize them very well.
Overall there were some minor editing issues, and with normal people I don’t think it would bother them, but with me I do notice those things.  I do have to say that this book was still very good and I can’t wait to read more.