Double Full Tour Stop!! 2

**This book contains Male Male Relations**
Up and coming football hero, Colton Michaels, makes a Hail Mary pass one night in the college locker room that results in the hottest,  sexiest five days of his young life. However, interference after the play has him hiding his past and burying his future in the bottom of a bottle. While Colt seems to have it all, looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re trapped so far in a closet that you can’t see your way out. When ten years of living his expected fast-lane lifestyle lands him engaged to his manipulative Russian supermodel girlfriend, he decides it’s time to call a new play.

Jace Montgomery single-handily built the largest all-star cheerleading gym in the world, driven by a need to forget a life-altering encounter with a handsome quarterback a decade ago. His reputation as an excellent coach, hard-nosed business man, and savvy entrepreneur earned him respect in the sometimes catty world of competitive cheerleading. When Jace learns of his ex-lover’s plans to
marry, his heart executes a barrel roll and his carefully-placed resolve tumbles down without a mat to absorb the shock. Can his island escape help him to finally let go of the past and move his life forward?


I have been a fan of Kindle since I first read The Current Between Us, actually I think it was when I read the teaser for that book.  So when I first started this book, I had really high expectations because her prior books were so well written.
But I have to say that this book COMPLETELY caught me off guard.  There were aspects in it that I could not see coming.  At all; this is obviously true because I was shocked when things happened in the story.
The characters themselves were written very well.  The attention to detail that was given to each of them was just great.
Usually I don’t like stories where there are major time jumps in them.  But with this one, I loved how she was able to work them into the story.  Even when there was a multiple year jump, she thought to add the information to fill you in on what had happened.  Instead of just skimming over some details that some authors wouldn’t think to add, Kindle was able to add to the story.  We found out  what had been happening with the guys and still find out new information at the same time.
I also liked how Colt and Jace they just seemed to know.  Their relationship from the start hadn’t been an easy one.  So it was really great to me when they got their happy ending.  I am upset with Jace because I would have made him beg.  But that’s just me!  The love between the two of them you could see without a doubt that they were meant for each other.
Overall I do have to say that this is the best book by Kindle that I have read.  And I can’t wait, even though there isn’t a real “cliffhanger” ending, we were introduced to another character and I really want to have his story!
This is a complete must read from me!

Once I started reading Double Full, I was completely absorbed into the  first scene of the beautiful, lean Jace Montgomery and hot quarterback Colt Michaels having sex in the shower. Right then I knew this was going to be an amazing book by Kindle Alexander. Jace has always had a thing for Colt but not knowing that Colt has been crushing on Jace since they first met. At first you get the feeling that Jace will be falling for Colt but then you realize that it’s actually Colt that is falling for him. I just loved how Kindle added a twist and it was actually Colt chasing the beautiful Jace.

The gut wrenching scenes of Colt’s father confronting him on his relationship with Jace and the bar scene where Jace’s heart is completely broken was hard to read but at the same time beautifully done. Kindle takes us on a journey of pure romantic love, alcoholism, bigotry and forgiveness.

The way Kindle brings Colt and Jace too life is just so beautifully done and you can feel their burning love for each other. It’s been a long time since I have felt such a connection to a book like this. Once I put the book down, I was constantly thinking of Jace and Colt. They were no longer just words in a book, I felt like I knew Colt and Jace and I wanted more and more. Double Full will be in my heart for some time to come. I completely recommend this book too anyone who want to read about what the true meaning of love is.


Best Selling, and newly award winning (whooo hooo!) Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica. It’s always a  surprise to see what’s coming next!  Happily married with too many children, and dogs, living in the suburbs of Dallas.

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