Deceitfully Yours, By Bethany Bazile

Jude Baxter knows instantly that he wants Kylie in his bed. What he didn’t realize is that she’s everything he’s been looking for. When lust turns into love, Jude puts everything on the line to make Kylie his.

Kylie Weber manipulates situations to get what she needs from men, but Jude knocks her off her game. Jude is unexpected and exciting. Kylie soon finds herself eroticly entangled in Jude chains and rope, but worst of all she’s
gotten her heart entangled in this very dynamic man.

Will the secret she keeps from him cost her everything she never knew she needed?

This is a standalone novel.
Warning: This title is an erotic romance intended for adults. It includes graphic sexual content, explicit language, and elements of BDSM.
                This book caught me off guard from the very beginning of it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was
completely happy with the way this book turned out.  Right from the beginning this book was able to keep my attention and kept me turning the pages.
                We start out right off the bat that Kylie is a con artist, and that Jude is her mark.  But we aren’t really sure what she is supposed to get from him.  She wasn’t expecting to have such a reaction when she saw him, but had hoped she would be able to use that against him.  Jude knew that he wanted her, and was willing to do anything to get her in his bed.
                The smut in this book was just amazing to a massive extent.  This book could go either way; if you are looking for a smutty read then you will like this book.  If you are looking for a great story with a side order of smut, then you will like this book.  There is enough suspense that is in this book it will keep your attention and keep you wanting for more.
                While there are some parts of the story that seemed like they were just there, and I’m sure that there are plenty of people who won’t like this book, but I rated this book so high for one simple reason.  The twist that takes place?  Caught me completely off guard!  I had a feeling about it, but I wasn’t sure at all.  There were enough little twists that it kept you wondering.
                I did enjoy this story and I think that some of you might like it as well!