Conquer The Flames, By Ariel Tachna

**This Book Contains Male Male Relations**
Thorne Lachlan knows a thing or two about getting himself safely out of a blaze. For years he fought in the world’s hot spots, a Commando with the Australian Army. Now, retired, he fights flames for the Royal Fire Service. When a grassfire brings him to Lang Downs, the next sheep station in danger, Thorne meets Ian Duncan and sparks fly that neither man can put out. But both men have ghosts from the past that stand in the way of moving beyond mutual attraction.While Thorne longs for the home he could share with Ian at Lang Downs, he fears his own instability might make him a danger to others. And Ian’s always believed that the foster care nightmare he escaped before coming to Lang Downs  ould make any relationship impossible. Trust doesn’t come easily to Thorne or Ian until the fire’s aftermath forces them to see past the scars keeping them both from healing.

Just a heads up, if you are looking for another book that has a strong erotica aspect to the story, this is not the book for you.  This book is more emotional than it is physical.  You get to know the two men on many levels, and watch as they build a relationship based upon who they are.
Things that I DID like about this book:
·        I completely enjoyed the fact that the relationship between the men was not based upon anything physical.
·        I loved the fact that Thorne went to get help when he knew he needed it.  It was great that his character was strong enough to know that he needed to get himself better in order to move forward with his life.
·       It was great to watch as Ian’s character opened up from the start of the story.  You could tell from the start that he was a “loner”, but watching as he opened up throughout the story was great.
·        The other characters in the story, they each had a very important part in the story.  And  even though they had their own roles, when they were in other parts of the story, they didn’t take over what was happening.
Things that I DID NOT like about this book:
·        The story seemed to drag in certain parts.  It felt like there were a few parts of the story that didn’t have to be there because they didn’t add or subtract from the story.
·        While I did like the fact that Thorne went to get help, I didn’t like that it took something so drastic for him to realize he needed help.
·        I like the fact that the town was completely open to several of the couples being m/m, but it bothered me that every time someone would talk about their town they would keep bringing that up.
Overall, I did  enjoy this story and I will be sure to check out more from the author in the future.