Bryn Morrow, By Mike Cooley

Celeste had been dreaming of Bryn since she was eight: the flash of light across the sky, Bryn running, the explosion that nothing human should have survived, and then Bryn climbing out of the smoking crater and looking right at  her. He was beautiful: six feet tall with muscles like coiled steel anddark blue eyes. His hair was black and his body was chiseled out of marble, like a Greek God.For years she had thought he was nothing but a dream. But slowly the dream changed, and it seemed that he was trying to reach her. His arm stretched out as if to touch her.

And then she saw him, burning under the light of dawn. His skin was flame as their eyes met. Celeste’s heart sped up and she gasped. Bryn had found her.


I have read several books from Mike in the past but this is the first full length one from him.
While I did enjoy the story the length that it was.  There were just a few things that didn’t really sit right with me.  For instance, we have Bryn who is a Latent, which I am still not 100% what that is, we know they are like vampires but they aren’t vampires.  But I suppose my big upset was the fact Celeste didn’t seem shocked at all when she found out what Bryn was.  And to that fact, none of her friends seemed to concern either.  Now that would have been awesome if we would have known if the characters had a history with paranormal, but we don’t know anything about that.
I don’t really understand Celeste’s powers that much and I was hoping that they would be expanded upon so that we would be able to learn a little more about here.  But they weren’t, so I am left wondering if there will be another book that will be more about her.
Besides that, the story line itself was an interesting one for sure.  It kept you turning the pages wanting to find out what was going on with everything.  But like I said, I wish we would have been
able to have more background on Celeste and her friends.  If that would have been included, it would have added more to the story.