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Mimi Strong’s top-selling erotic series is now available together as one Boxed Set!

Spice level: Erotica (more than one partner); includes some romance, though this is not a “romance” novel. It’s HOT, kinky, and sexy, baby!

Billionaire Luthor Thorne is a powerful man who’s used to getting everything he wants.

Lexie Ross is a fiercely independent young woman who loves sex even more than she loves organizing. She also loves to do exactly what people tell her not to, which is why she can’t stay away from sexy billionaire Luthor Thorne.
He insists she call him “Mr. Thorne,” and his rules and games don’t stop there. With each sizzling encounter, he seeks to push Lexie to her physical and emotional limits.

Their passion threatens to bring them either complete happiness, or destruction. 

After all the games, Luthor is on thin ice. Will saving Lexie’s life be enough to win her devotion? Or will she find comfort in the arms of an old friend?

This boxed set / complete collection includes:
Borrowed Billionaire Book 1 – The Walk-In
Borrowed Billionaire Book 2 – Lexie Goes Shopping
Borrowed Billionaire Book 3 – Return to Mr. Thorne
Borrowed Billionaire Book 4 – Under the Sea
Borrowed Billionaire Book 5 – Set it on Fire


                Well let me just start this off by saying, HOLY SMUT FACTOR!!!  There were things that took place in this series that I hadn’t really heard about before.  (This is weird because of all the erotica books I have read!)  But I will say that this is a complete must read if you enjoy erotica books.
                We get to follow Lexie along the journey she takes with the mysterious Mr. Thorne.  I do have to say though, the things that they do throughout the books were just amazingly steamy.  I have to say when it comes to smutty books; I think these are some of my favorite ones because there is more to the story than just the smut.
                This box set covers almost everything a girl could think of; dressing room sex that isn’t sex, the mysterious black out restaurant, and of course sex with the gardener.  These books will add plenty of things to your fantasy checklist after reading about them!
                I completely enjoyed this box set because it’s all the books in one easy to read set.  You don’t have to worry about waiting for the next book to come out.  I would completely recommend this to everyone who enjoys erotica books!



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