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Helene Gaudet finds the perfect Dom in an internet chat room. It’s as if he can read her mind – and he knows how to make her beg. When they agree to meet in the real world, Helene realizes why her Dom knows her so well – he is none other than Devlin Marchand, the same man who handed her over years ago to a dark sorcerer – to be killed.
She thought she was free from suffering – including a rageful ex-husband who cursed her, leaving her unable to bear children. She wants to forget the past – but her lust for Devlin is so intense after each tormenting, releasing  encounter, she doesn’t want to leave him.
Devlin wants to repair his past wrongs – but guilt over his past betrayal is multiplied when he learns the curse that has dogged Helene for years comes from the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears the tentative
relationship they’ve built will be destroyed – and he cannot allow that.
Can they overcome the past to have a future together?
                Well… What to say about this book?  Well I can say this for a fact, I did call up quite a few friends of mine and told them about the book and that they should buy a copy for themselves.  So coming from me, that’s a pretty big
recommendation.  While there were some parts of the book that I did enjoy, there were others that I didn’t really like.  I’m sure that’s the way it is with everyone though.
                Thinking back on this book, I have to say that the first thing that comes to mind is HOLY SMUT FACTOR!  I’m not kidding here; there is a ton of sex that happens in this book.  Yes, just so you know there is some BDSM that  happens, but it’s not even close to hardcore stuff.  The thing that caught me off guard with this part of the book was that even though there was a ton of sex, I still enjoyed the book.  (I have recently stopped reading the smutty books.)
                The storyline itself was confusing at times.  Really confusing.  There is a magic aspect to the book that you are told about, but not really told about.  It felt at times like the background of the two main characters was just passed over.  I wish there would have been more about their pasts mentioned in the book.  The characters themselves were just well developed in my opinion.  When it came to them personally, I have no complaints.
                There is a fair amount of suspense that takes part in the story as well.  I enjoyed the fact that it would pop back into the story when you least expect it.  It wasn’t constantly happening, so you were able to enjoy the story and
still left wondering.
                Overall, I did enjoy this series and I will continue reading the other books.  I enjoyed the authors writing style and I would recommend this to my followers!
Lily Prentiss wishes she could ignore her inborn healing magic so she can live life on her terms, not follow the path her Magiste family chose for her. But when she stumbles across Aidan Marchand in the excruciating throes of evolving into a Mage, her touch is all that stops his pain and she can no longer deny her powers. When the sexy Dom seduces her into willing submission, she finds she doesn’t want to resist and actually enjoys giving up control.

Aidan has more to worry about than just his rapidly maturing powers – his business partner is blackmailing him into funding a venture that involves kidnapping young girls both magical and mortal, and selling them as sex slaves. Even as Lily’s touch eases Aidan’s pain, he knows staying with her puts her in danger from his enemies. But the gift of her sexual submission helps him even more than her healing magic…so how can he let her go?
This story was interesting on many different levels; much more so than the first book in the series Claimed by the Devil.  I did enjoy this book because it has quite a few things happening throughout it all that kept me turning the pages. The characters in this book are completely different from the ones that we met in the first book, now those characters do make appearances; I was glad that this book was about Lily and Aidan.  They had enough drama happening in their story that we didn’t need a lot of anything else.
We have Lily, who has given up the magic world despite what her family wished for her.  Everything was going smooth for her until Aidan landed on her lap and she was forced to use her magic to help him. With her character, I have mixed emotions about because there were times where I thought she was acting like a spoiled brat.  (When you read the story you will understand.)  But there were some parts of the story where I completely felt for her and started to like her.
With Aidan, although he was hot, at times in the story he was a sweetheart but at other times he acted like a complete jerk.  Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that he didn’t come to any serious issues, but I had hoped that Lily would have put him in his place a few times.
The plot line of the book was an interesting one; there was the drama that was happening that kept me wondering what the outcome was going to be.  There was enough happening in the story that the drama would pop its head back up when you least expect it and remind you that it was there.  I think that the author did a good job keeping the interest level going in the story.
Overall, I was really happy with this book and I will continue to read father into the series!
Regine Marchand loves being in control – and the role of domme is the perfect way for her to exert that control. An accomplished equestrian, she has her goals of championship in sight and no one will get in her way. Her life and future are in her hands, she doesn’t need to depend on anyone for success and happiness.
Cameron McIntyre is fascinated by the cool façade Regine displays, but senses the depth of passion lurking under her surface. Despite her protests to the contrary, he recognizes in her a desire to submit and be dominated. But when he is forced to suspend her from competition due to performance enhancement spells used on her horse, he worries he may drive her away, instead of into his arms. Believing her innocent of the charges, he vows to help her uncover who set her up while convincing her that submission to him is what she truly wants and needs. Submitting to the tall Irishman brings a new level of pleasure Regine has never known, at the same time making her question everything she knew about herself.
Regine is unaware an enemy from her past has targeted her for revenge. Together she and Cameron must discover who wants to knock her out of competition for good, possibly killing her in the process.  
Reggie wanted to scream with frustration while she walked her horse around the ring to cool him down.  Since seeing the dom from Chicago in the café the other day, he’d never left her thoughts.
The constant image of his face, the smirk when he lifted his glass, wreaked havoc with her focus and she’d nearly been tossed out of the saddle several times.  Clearly, Valhalla sensed her distraction and took full advantage, refusing several jumps and generally being ornery anytime she asked for more effort.
Blaming the andromulois was an easy excuse, but any effects from the plant had long since been eradicated.  She reined him in and dismounted near the gate.
David waited as she walked out of the ring.
“What’s the matter today?”  the trainer paused.  “You’re off.  Two days before we leave for Dallas, and you can’t make him do anything you want.”
Reggie shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I can’t seem to concentrate today.”
“Maybe you need a break.  You haven’t stopped in months, and with Valhalla’s rash caused by the andromulois,
it would be a good time to take the next couple days off.  To make sure you’re both in top form when we get to Dallas.”
She nodded, thinking maybe a day off would help clear her mind.   She led Valhalla to the barn and unsaddled
him, and began her grooming routine.
David said nothing as he assisted, though she felt his curious gaze on her several times.  After she secured the gelding in his stall, she folded her arms and turned to her trainer.
“Just wondering if that guy from Chicago is the one causing your distraction.”
Heat flooded her cheeks.  Damn David for being so perceptive.   “And if he was?”
“I did a little checking.  I know who he is.”
Her heart raced with excitement and her stomach fluttered with anticipatory nerves.
“Who is he?”
David chuckled.  “Damn, woman, I’ve never seen you like this.  Miss Ice Princess herself getting all hot and bothered by a stranger.  Never thought I’d see the day.”
She turned and narrowed her eyes, pointing a long finger at his face.  “David Marquez, you may be my trainer, and a close friend and sometimes play partner … But you’re dangerously close to crossing a line right now.  Tell me who the hell he is.”
Another laugh and David held up his hands in mock surrender.  “All right, all right.  His name is Cameron McIntyre.  He rode for years on the European circuit.  Was at or near the top of the standings for most of his career.  Took the Grand Champion trophy a whole ton of times.”
“How come I’ve never heard of him?
“You never rode the European circuit.”
“Yes, but someone like that … guess I was so wrapped up in my own performance, I never paid attention.  So why’s he here?  In the US, I mean.”
David shrugged.  “Heard he bought a property not too far from here.  He’s planning a breeding farm, supposedly.  And he is Magiste.”
“I know.”  Reggie pondered this news.  Interesting. She should pay more attention to the international standings, but her focus, until recently, had solely been on her and Valhalla’s performance, her own standings, and the potential to finally reach the pinnacle of equestrian three-day-eventing on the Magiste circuit in the United States.  She’d
worked for this since she was a little girl, her love of horses and competitive streak combining to make her one of the best on the junior circuit.  She finally stood poised to finish at the top of the professional eventing world and now
she developed an unhealthy obsession for a man way too arrogant for his own good?  Merde!
She wanted to scream it out loud, but didn’t, knowing David would only use it as more fuel for his teasing.  He’d better be careful if she decided to get even.  She toyed with the idea of threatening him with punishment, but refrained.  Such a strong reaction might reveal more than she wanted David to figure out.
She sighed.  Even though he played the role of her sub when she needed to engage in some sexual play, he understood her probably better than anyone else.
She conceded that wasn’t by much, since she controlled her emotions around him as tightly as around anyone else.  Nevertheless, he’d always been sexually attracted to her and until a week ago, she’d felt the same.  The fact he trained her and Valhalla had never seemed to be a problem.  Oddly, now it seemed a conflict of interest, and she had no desire to continue that aspect of their relationship.  How to tell him?
“Reggie?  Are you listening?”
His voice cut into her thoughts and she realized, with more than a twinge of guilt, he’d been talking and she hadn’t heard one word.
“I’m sorry, Dave.  I’m a bit unfocused today.”
“Tell me about it.  Look, you take today and tomorrow off.  Do what you need to get your head back in the
right place.  After Dallas, we’ll be in a good position.  We have some time before Tampa and we’ll figure out the rest of our strategy then.  And then you can go run wild like a rabid bitch in heat during mating season and scratch the itch under your skin.”
“How dare you!  You do realize what you’re setting yourself up for.”  Despite herself, she laughed.
David’s grin faded.  “Reg, you want nothing to do with me anymore.  Not sexually, anyway.  I noticed it in Chicago.  It hasn’t changed since we got back.  Besides, first and foremost, I am your trainer.  My job, the one you pay me to
do, is to get you to the top.  The rest? It’s icing and I’m not really much for sweets anymore.”
She didn’t know what to say.  She’d never used her role in their off-time games to her advantage while they worked, but now he seemed to be taking away that portion of their relationship.  And even though she’d harbored similar thoughts moments ago, she suddenly found herself angry at Cameron McIntyre.  Again.  For altering her universe, when she didn’t want or expect it.  She gave a resigned nod.
“You might have a point.  I just … I just need to get past this distraction.  If I can find out why it’s so … invasive, then maybe I can trash it, once and for all.”  A wisp of a notion sprouted.  She gave David a grin.  “And I may have an idea.”
“Just be ready to take the whole thing in Dallas, it’s all I ask.”
“Don’t you worry.  You and I are going all the way to number one.  Nothing, and nobody, is going to get in my way!”
I’m a born-and-bred Jersey Girl, with Brooklyn roots, and I still live where it all started. I married my very own alpha male many eons ago, and am a former full-time working mom to two school-age children. Needless to say, free time is always at a premium, and I spend the bulk of it lost in the worlds of my own making. I love to read and write hot sexy and emotional stories about people both glamorous and not-so-glamorous.
And some of them are even downright un-heroic at times, which is part of what makes them so sexy, in my opinion!
On those rare occasions when I am not writing, you can catch me playing in my other favorite alternate worlds of Highlander, Harry Potter, Charmed, and DragonBall Z! Yes, I know, an odd combo, but they all feature some of the sexiest villains ever. I’m also a HUGE fan of the NY Rangers, Criminal Minds, Vikings and All My Children – I am thrilled AMC has returned.
My books, which usually involve BDSM themes, and range from historical to paranormal and futuristic/sci-fi, are available through Renaissance Ebooks Sizzler Editions and Pink Flamingo Publications.

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