After The Fall, By L.A. Witt

**This book contains Male Male Relations**
After years of saving every penny, Nathan has finally managed to buy the horse of his dreams. He’s looking forward to a summer of exploring the Colorado mountain trails above Tucker Springs with  Tsarina. But on their very first ride, a motorcyclist makes a wrong turn, scaring Tsarina into bolting and leaving Nathan with a broken leg, a broken hand, and a ruined summer.

Ryan is a loner and a nomad, content with working odd jobs before moving on to the next town. Feeling guilty for causing the accident that leaves Nathan in two casts, Ryan offers to keep Tsarina exercised until Nathan heals.

Despite their bad start, Nathan and Ryan soon become friends . . . and then much more. But with a couple of nasty breakups in his past, Nathan doesn’t want feelings getting involved—especially knowing that Ryan will never settle down. But since when do feelings ever listen to reason?
                I am a fan of L.A. Witt from previous books of hers and so when I requested this book from NetGalley I had high hopes when it came to reading this story.  This is the first book in the Tucker  Springs series that I have read and to be honest I was worried about starting it.
                I was  concerned that since I hadn’t read any of the other Tucker Springs books that I would be completely lost, but I am happy to say that I was still able to follow along with the story completely.  I enjoyed the characters that we spent time with in this book, Nathan and Ryan.
                Nathan  seemed like a typical guy who had a goal in his life and had worked hard towards it.  Ryan on the other hand, was the complete opposite, a drifter through life just coming and going as he pleased.  This book shows that opposites do attract because these two are complete opposites from what I could tell.
                The  story line itself was a really good one in my opinion.  I enjoyed when Nathan and Ryan would be having their horseback riding lessons.  One BIG thing that I enjoyed about this book was the fact that the guys  got to know each other before they jumped into a relationship.  There are so many books that it feels like the people jump into relationships to quickly, and that wasn’t the case with this couple.
                I did enjoy that L.A. thought to add about Nathan’s past because I think that if that wouldn’t have been added to the story, it wouldn’t have made sense Nathan’s concerns about a relationship with Ryan.  Ryan seemed like a very secretive character, I have a feeling there is still more that he is hiding.
                Overall though, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to people who enjoy M/M books.