A Perfect Solution, By A.E. Lawless

 **This book contains Male Male Relations**
River is the charismatic lead singer of Caged Hearts and it’s an open secret that the vibrant energy he displays on stage doesn’t bleed away as soon as he’s out from under the lights. That sometimes causes considerable friction with his bandmates.

Jeff is the guitarist for Caged Hearts, but he’s not your typical party-hard rockstar. He’s far more focused on taking care of everyone in his band–especially River.

An offhand comment from Jeff inadvertently helps River discover his submissive side, and he asks Jeff to help him continue to explore those desires. While Jeff is turned on by the idea, he’s also reluctant. There’s no telling what it could do to the band and his friendship with River. Especially when Jeff wants so much more than just sex.
                Right off the bat, thinking back onto this book, one thing that stands out completely for me was when Jeff and River were having their “talk”.  Now I know by just reading this you are going to be completely confused, but let me say this, when you read the book (which you should) you will understand what I’m talking about!
                In this book we get to meet Jeff and River and see the interesting relationship that is forming between the two of them.  Something that starts out as Jeff bossing River around so that he would be able to get some sleep, and ends up becoming something more serious.  I did enjoy how things progressed rather slowly throughout the book.  Especially with a topic such as this, you can’t rush into things and I think that A.E. was able to write that part of the story extremely well.
                I think between Jeff and River, I enjoyed River’s character the best.  He had a sense of innocence about him that just seemed to bring the protective side out in everyone.  Jeff seemed too serious for me, especially when it came to being around River.  While I do understand the reason why, I think that he could have been a bit more laid back.
                With this being the first book by A.E. that I have read, I do have to say that I can’t wait to read more from her in the future.