A Betting Man, By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

**This Book Contains Male Male Relations**
How bad could one harmless bet be? Kent Samson is about to find out. Raised in Alabama, Kent has hidden his past and now loves his life as a big time ad exec for a prestigious advertising company in New York. But when he makes a bet with his best friend, Blaine, Kent is thrown for a loop—for Kent has to make the next person to walk through the door fall in love with him.Terry Barron is hiding out in New York. Raised in England in a wealthy family, Terry escapes to New York to avoid arranged marriages and the lifestyle he’s grown to hate. When he delivers a package to an advertising firm, he meets the unbelievably sexy Kent Samson. Suddenly, secrets and lies complicate everything and both men find themselves in uncharted waters. How will Terry feel when Kent is revealed as a betting man?

So I read this series completely out of order.  I had read A Marrying Man first, and I was left wondering because there were some things that were talked about during that book that were completely confusing to me because I hadn’t read A Betting Man.  So of course, I jump at the chance to review this book.
I do have to say; in this book we meet Kent and Terry who are complete opposites to a massive degree.  But they were still able to make a relationship work in their own way.  One thing that I did love about this story is that it brought to mind something that I had always been told when I was younger.  You fall in love with a person, not the person’s body. That is very much the case in this book.
You have Kent who is the typical playboy womanizer jerk but when he meets Terry, he becomes the person that he is proud of.  Terry, I didn’t really know what to think of him at first.  From the beginning I knew  there was something that he was hiding. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  So when it came to his big reveal, I wasn’t too surprised.
I am glad that in this book that everyone found out about the “bet” because I was really worried that Terry would never find out.  And we would have been left wondering if Kent really had feelings for Terry, or was he just playing along with the bet even more.  So I was really happy when the air was completely cleared and both men were able to figure out their emotions for themselves.
Overall, I am completely glad that I read this book and I would recommend it, as well as A Marrying Man to anyone who enjoys reading this genre.
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