Wicked Wind, By Sharon Kay

SHE GREW UP THINKING SHE WAS HUMANBorn with the ability to command the wind, Nicole Bonham spends her life hiding her gift. Deciding to take control of her power, she dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. Stealth and surprise are always on her side.


Lash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species. His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he discovers her true identity. In his two hundred years, he has never seen a creature like her.


Nicole and Gunnar race to discover who – or what – is stabbing the city’s most destitute residents and stealing their blood. The fire that forged their bond explodes into white-hot passion, weaving their souls together on an unexpected level. Haunted by the past, Gunnar’s fiercely protective instincts battle with her need to defeat the creatures she was born to fight. As they track the mastermind behind the attacks, will Nicole’s unique talent unwittingly send her straight into his lair?

When I started this book, I had really high hopes for it because after reading the blurb of it, you can’t help but like the story idea!  I did feel let down a bit as the story was going on, but not for the reasons that you may be thinking.
I felt let down because there was SO MUCH that was happening in the book, that it was hard at times to keep track of everything that was going on.  With all the action that was taking place, the story just seemed to take on a life of its own.  Which usually I enjoy, but at times I was so wrapped up in everything that was going on, that I completely missed out on what the main characters were taking on at the time.
Nicole’s character was very well done in my opinion.  I think that the author used enough details to explain about her past and what was going on with her currently that made the character very likeable.  Now Gunnar’s character was extremely very HOT in his description.  It was interesting to watch the relationship between the two of them form into something serious.
There are quite a few other characters in this book, and at times they are the ones who “take over” the story.  When that happened, it was confusing at times because we were given hints about future books to come, and then we are taken back to what is going on with Nicole and Gunnar.  I think that the story could have been better if the focus would have been solely focused on those two instead of pulling other’s into it.
With the way that this book ended, and the information that we were given throughout the story, I will be looking to read more from the author in the future.