White Bone, Red Sky By Evelyn Shepherd

book contains M/M romance**


Genre: Paranormal; Suspense; LGBT
Series: Theo Bourne; Previous Book: One Bad Day; and Event Horizon

Theo and Carlos are called out of vacation when a madman called the Bogeyman begins to butcher small children. It’s a race against more than the clock as a third victim is abducted. The FBI has stepped in to put an end to the terror that has seized Columbus, but with very few clues to go on, Theo and Carlos are left scrambling for answers. Rhett Bishop just might be the help they’ve been looking for, but it comes with a price – one Theo isn’t sure is worth paying.

The deeper they delve into the bloody massacre rocking Columbus, the more things spin out of control. Theo struggles with his own crippling fears and tries to build the courage to ask Carlos one of the most important  questions of his life. But things can never go easy for the two detectives, and as they sort through their case, Carlos begins a battle of his own. A contender has stepped up to take Carlos’s place as Alpha of the local werecoyote pack. If  Carlos isn’t careful, he may lose more than his position as pack leader.
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Crystal’s Review:
                Have you ever found a book that you started to read, and then a few chapters into it you realize that it’s part of a series?  And you get all mad because you are completely lost as to what is going on?  Yeah that happens to me quite a bit since I read so much.  You have NO IDEA how happy I was that when I realized this book was part of a series, I could still follow what was going on!  (Trust me, I think I did a happy dance or two.)
                We are thrown right into the middle of some serious and I mean SERIOUS drama issues right off the bat!  Usually I don’t like that type of start up for a book, but Evelyn seems to have a great way of writing that she has totally blown me out of my reading box and made it so I loved her book!
Theo is a great character.  He was described to a T to where you were not left wondering what he looked like, what his personality is like, nothing.  Carlos is the same way, he is strong yet understanding.  I really enjoyed the fact
that Evelyn took the time to describe them both in such detail considering that this is not the first book in the series.
Sometimes authors will skim over the little details because they think you have read the other books, she doesn’t do it.
The story line for this story was confusing at first.  There was a lot thrown at you and there I was grabbing onto the sides of my kindle, holding on for dear life waiting for the next boot to fall.  I couldn’t put the kindle down!
(I think that Theo used some mind control power and made it so that I couldn’t stop!) Back to the story though, in all honesty, there were some parts of the story that I feel as though I would understand it better if I had read the other books in the series, but I think that I did very well on keeping up with the story.
Evelyn was able to take romance, suspense, drama and murder, turn it into a great story that was just amazing to read.  She created a world that was so complete that it made me wish that the world was real so that I could visit.  An author that is able to draw you into a story, into a world that is so amazing that it makes you want for more, is a great author in my opinion.
I give this book a HUGE 5 PAWS!  And I can’t wait to read more from Evelyn, her books are now on my wish list.
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