The Love of Violetta, By Antoinette M

Violetta loves Roland, and he loves her. Violetta knew their love was foolish when she was fourteen, but over the years she forgot. When Roland tells her they cannot be wed, she’s heartbroken. Desperate, attempts to seduce him, proposing that she become his mistress.

The Duc de Lauzun wasn’t the same after his wife died. He drank. The women of the manor bore babes stamped with his chin. The maids who valued their virtue avoided him, while others sought their sport in the halls. Violetta always shied away from him, though he’s had his eye on her, ever since she changed from a girl to a woman.

For a moment, Roland’s blue eyes met mine, and my heart gave a mournful shudder, like a clock sounding out the witching hour. It did not stop, but for a moment it slowed, as if its cogs were gummed with all our youthful promises and stolen embraces.

The Duc de Lauzun:
“I shouldn’t,” he said and again savored my lips.
“I shouldn’t,” he said as his hands made themselves again familiar with the heft of my curves.
“I shouldn’t,” he said and pressed his hardness against my hip.
Review Time:
Crystal’s Review:
If you like the older romance shorts, this is the one for you.  When I started reading it I was unsure if I liked it or not, but the next thing that I knew I was at the end of the book!
One thing that I really enjoyed about this is its 3 shorts put together so there is no wait on it.  When we start the story, we meet Violetta and we watch as she tries to be with the man she loves, Roland.   For me, there was something about Roland that I just didn’t like right from the start.  It could be that I had an idea what he was going to do.  But come the end of the book, I did start to like his character.
Violetta, with the help of Duc de Lauzun starts to educate herself so that she can become a better woman.  While I did see the end coming, I do have to say that I really enjoyed the way that the story played out.  There was just the right amount of drama that kept the story going.  And there were some parts where I actually thought I had it wrong!
All in all, if you like romances that are based on the “old days” than I would completely check this one out!


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