The Last Husband, By JS Cooper


Lucky Morgan gave up her dating rules for Zane Beaumont and allowed him to sweep her off of her feet; even though he didn’t really believe in love. However, as their relationship progresses, Lucky realizes that Zane isn’t the man she thought he was.Zane Beaumont has spent the last few months trying to ignore Lucky’s smile and trying to exact revenge on Braydon Eagle. Zane will stop at nothing to bring down the man he holds responsible for his brother’s death; even if it means
risking his new relationship with Lucky.

When heartbreaking secrets from the past are revealed, the fragile trust and love they have built together is put in jeopardy. Lucky and Zane are left to decide if they can overcome the new painful revelations that are threatening to
break both of their hearts so that they can focus on their future together.

Review Time:
 Crystal’s Review:
                This story takes place right after The Last Boyfriend ends.  That’s really great in my opinion because there were so many unanswered questions from the end of Boyfriend that were able to be answered in this book.
                The drama that had taken place in Boyfriend was still there in this book, but it was toned down a bit I think.  There was more focus on Zane and Lucky’s relationship, the present and the future, than anything else in this book.  While Zane was still battling with his past, he was able to learn how to lean on Lucky to help him during the tough times.  To me, that shows that Zane has grown as a character because he is able to accept help.
                Lucky’s character was still her typical self, her comebacks, her fears, everything.  I didn’t really see that
much of a change in her as there was in Zane.  While she was dealing with her issues, she was also trying to help out
Zane with what was going on with him.
                The twists that were in this book caught me off guard.  But now thinking back, I should have seen it!! But overall, I think this book was well done, and I can’t wait to find out more from this group of characters in the future!
Sara’s Review:

Well, this book blew me away. It wrapped up every question I had from the Last Boyfriend. It gives insight into what really happened with Noah and Brayden, why Zane’s relationship with his mom was the way it is, and what happens between Zane and Lucky. As a reader, I feel really satisfied with how everything has been left at the end of this book. And the sex scenes? Yeah, I need to talk my hubby into taking me to Paris now. HOT!

Also, this includes one of the most perfect endings of any story I have read lately. I just love it when a book leaves me with a smile on my face and this did that!

Bottom line, if you loved The Last Boyfriend, you will love this even more. And if you haven’t read The Last Boyfriend, go get it and read it! A 4 star book for me!

This book is currently $3.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
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