Secret Seekers Society, By J.L. Hickey

Young siblings, Hunter Glen and Elly Anne, lost their parents in a plane crash merely two weeks ago. Unknowing how to deal with the sudden and painful loss, the children find themselves living with their enigmatic Godfather, Dr. Calenstine. Taken from their home, and all their friends, they find themselves living inside the even more mysterious Belmonte Manor, a secretive and enormous estate that houses a creepy ancient castle.

Despite the kindness of the Manor’s caretakers, the siblings find themselves imprisoned in their room, where the many secrets and dark past of their new home slowly unfold before their very eyes. Follow the young children as they unravel the truth behind their parents past, the mysterious and creepy Belmonte estate, and their “roles” in the terrifying events that the kids often find themselves in. Filled with secret societies, ancient monsters, mysterious objects, and more adventure the children could have ever hoped for, J.L. Hickey promises a journey great for young adults, yet wonderfully exciting and riveting for all ages.
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Sara’s Review:
This is the kind of book that, when I was young, got me excited about reading.  It has mystery, adventure and drama…it’s just a fantastic ride for a reader of any age!In SSS we are introduced to Hunter and Elly, orphans who are taken on a rainy night to meet their new guardian, who they know nothing about.  And this is where the journey begins.  I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I can’t get too much into the plot.  However, the estate to which they now call home is full of mystical creatures, hidden passageways and things they could have never imagined.  It’s what every child hopes to find when they open the wardrobe, or fall down the rabbit hole.

The imagination of this book is definitely one of its strengths.  It has a decidedly Harry Potter tone, but is original in plot.  The characters were so much fun, and the writing was so fantastic that you really felt you were there with them, going on the quest.  I will definitely be keeping this one on the shelf for my own children to read then they are old enough, and I can’t wait to see what other tales the author has in store for us!  A very well earned 4.5 stars for this book!

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