The Prophecy (Divinity Stone) By Desiree DeOrto

*** WARNING***
Rated 17+ due to language and sexual content
The people of Shiloh, Virginia thought it was just a story. A legend to keep children from misbehaving. A challenge to prove you have courage. What they didn’t know was that it was real. All of it was real.

When Starlette McKinley moved from the sparkling lights of LA to the sleepy town of Shiloh, she didn’t know that she would be the catalyst. She didn’t know that the rage and energy pulsing through her would be the key to unleashing an unsurmountable power that would either be the saving of mankind, or its destruction.

The blood will run, and the prophecy will be revealed. But will she be able to overcome the insurmountable odds? Or will she succumb to the energy within, welcoming the darkness that has become her only friend.

Crystal’s Review:
First off, I completely love this cover!! You have to admit it is very very interesting looking and it almost memorizes  you and draws you into the book.  But enough about the cover let’s move onto the story.
I had really high hopes for this book, after reading the blurb and the starting chapters.  However somewhere along the way I seem to have gotten lost.  The characters all seemed to be all over the place.  One page the parents are  loving and trying to do what’s best, and then the next page they are yelling and screaming at Star.
One big thing that did bug me about this whole story is that one of her parents knew what was going on, at least to a degree, yet they didn’t say anything to her about it.  Even when she was having her “issues” that parent didn’t try to explain what was happening, or could be happening.  They just kept yelling and screaming at her.  To me, that is really screwed up!  If you know your child is in pain you would try to help them!
Usually the different secondary characters that are in the book are very interesting to me, but while reading this book, it seemed as though there were a lot of them and you aren’t really sure what their role is in the story.  So that was confusing at times, trying to keep up with who was who.
With all of that out of the way, I do think that the story was a good one.  The plot of the story itself was interesting.  It keeps you wanting to know more and to find out what is going to happen to everyone involved.  The way that the book ended, I will read the next one in the series just to find out what will be happening next to Star.
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