The Case of the Rising Star: A Derrick Steele Mystery, By Zavo

book contains M/M romance**


 A young and famous movie star is receiving death threats, and Derrick is on the case. Without warning, Warren O’Malley, Derrick’s long-forgotten half-brother, arrives in Los Angeles, bringing with him his two formidable younger brothers. The trio is determined to claim their rightful place in the Steele family, or destroy them in the process. With Warren’s arrival comes a dark secret from Daniel McAllister’s past, one that Daniel is unwilling to reveal.
As the tension between Derrick and Daniel begins to unravel their relationship, it also begins to threaten the detective agency itself. When Derrick realizes he is falling in love with the young movie star, he faces a heartbreaking decision. Will Derrick be able to save the young star in time? Can the Steeles pull together as a family to stave off this new series of threats? Will this be the end of the famous Steele Detective Agency?
                This book was different for me on a few levels.  I haven’t read that many suspense type books in the past few months as I used to when I was younger, but I am glad that I was able to read this book.  There were certain parts of this book that I did enjoy, but there were certain parts that I didn’t enjoy as well.
                With this being the first book in the series, I was completely confused as to the back story of the different characters, as well as the underlying plot line in the series.  There is a lot that is mentioned, that I am assuming is talked about in the prior books, in this one and there wasn’t a large amount of information passed on to us in this  one.
                Derrick’s character seemed confused to me on many levels.  He is in a relationship, but it is completely open.  He talks about how he enjoys the “young boys” and he doesn’t have a problem paying for sex from them.  While this  didn’t bother me that much, I could see how some people would be upset with that.
                There seems to be a lot of different plot lines in this book that would also lead to future books in the series.  After reading this book, I am unsure if I would be willing to read any more in this series.  I had really high hopes for it,
but it does seem to be more on the sex side, and less on the mystery.
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Book 1:
Derrick Steele, a hard-drinking, lusty private detective working for Steele Investigations, is being framed for the murder of a hustler in downtown Los Angeles. Despite Derrick’s efforts to solve the crime and clear his name, the body count continues to rise. It quickly becomes apparent that Derrick is facing the most dangerous adversary of his career. The action escalates when best friends Daniel McAllister, a New York private investigator, and Derrick’s brother, Nathan, return to Los Angeles and join the agency. 
Still reeling from a tragic past relationship, Derrick struggles with his developing feelings for the
handsome detective McAllister, who is equally smitten with the over-sexed Derrick. In addition to the blossoming romance, the arrival of Daniel and Nathan reveals a Steele family secret that will change Derrick’s life forever. The action catapults to an explosive climax as the three detectives race to solve the murders, exonerate Derrick, and protect the lives and legacy of the Steele family.
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