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Since I am awake, I am going to have my venting time.. This is something that I have thought about quite frequently over the past month or so, but now I figure I’ll actually get it out.
Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse books, was getting death threats because of how she ended her series.  From her last  release, she had gotten 940 1 star reviews on her book.  Now I haven’t read through all of them, but the majority that I did read though all had  1 thing in common.  People were mad about how she ended the book.  They gave it a 1 star because of who she chose the characters to end up with!  How stupid is that?
Sylvia Day, author of the Crossfire series, has gotten 514 1 star reviews on her newest release.  The majority of those are because people are pissed that the book is going to be 5 parts instead of 3.  The reviews don’t really talk about the book though.
And then we have Kendall Grey, whose book Strings caused a huge thing on Goodreads because of her post that she did on a blog?
There are plenty of authors out there that are going through this, these 3 are just the big ones that I personally have noticed recently.
My BIG issue with this is:
The reviews that we write are to help the authors understand what we thought about the book!  If you didn’t like the way that a certain  character was portrayed, say that.  But don’t have a huge hissy fit over the fact that you don’t like who ended up with who.
So what if an author extends her series, it is THEIR choice.  If they think the story is that great that they can give YOU the READER more of the characters that you are craving for, then you should be THANKING them for doing that! Instead of complaining about it happening.
As for Miss Kendall, I read her book Strings, and yes there were parts where I was like WTF but in all honesty, why are you giving her a 1 star review because of something that she posted on her blog?  I get that she explained how she was selling out, (and I do personally have issues  with how she went about doing that) but if you read the review that I wrote, it has NOTHING to do with what her blog post said.  You write a review on the BOOK not on the author themselves.
So this is it, I’m going to assume that everyone who reads these types of books are adults, so act like it.  There is no reason for you to be  having your temper tantrums because Sookie left Eric and ended up with Sam.  Don’t be hating on Sylvia because she decided to give you more Gideon, which everyone knows you have been begging for.  And don’t be judging someone’s book just because of what they said about  themselves.So this is my apology to all the author’s out there who have suffered from negative reviews because of some readers.  I know at times they make you wonder why you even keep writing, but just know this:

You do have your fans who love you and will keep reading what you are writing.  And there are the reviewers out there that will give you an honest review of your book.

So thank you all 🙂

10 thoughts on “The BIG Rant

  • K Bromberg

    THANK YOU CRYSTAL! As a new author, I am just beginning to understand the power of reviews and how the momentum of a few can change the tide. I did a free download a week or so ago…that free download opened up my book to a lot of people who probably would have never read it or thought to read it, but downloaded it nonetheless because it was free. I was appalled at some of the reviews I had received from these free downloaders…Now, everyone has a right to their opinion and yes, getting bad reviews about something you put your heart and soul into, sucks…BUT I read as many reviews about my book as I can so that I can find out what people liked, disliked, what I can work on, etc. so that I can improve and make it better the next time…MY POINT being…when I get reviews on Goodreads calling me a C*NT or a Dumbass because I used "for" or "as" too many times in a 126k novel to that persons liking…really? Is that necessary? I think reviews are important…they get the word out about a book, allow the reader to feel a part of a book's success by helping an author in promoting, etc…but at what point are the few people ruining it for the whole? I did write Goodreads and ask them to remove the posts or as the reviewer to delete the words as I thought they were distasteful but Goodreads said it was the reviewers right to post what they felt about the writing style…

    Ok…that's my vent Crystal…sorry, I had to jump on the bandwagon 🙂

    K. Bromberg
    Author of Driven

  • Crystal's Many Reviewers Post author

    That is perfectly fine K!!! It is great to have an author's input on this topic!! I just know it as a reader/reviewer. What I have personally seen has ticked me off. But I waiting until I had calmed down enough about the topic so that I didn't just start cussing them all out!!!

    Thank you for your input!!

  • Alicia

    Good for you! Sometimes things like this just need to be said, and you did it well. Personally if a reviewer posts a review of a book With a 1 star rating and with crap about how they didn't like who ended up with who or just some random crap about some thing an author said in passing just proves to me that that person shouldn't be writing reviews. Because they aren't writing an HONEST review of the book, the are just bashing an author. But I totally agree with you, especially when you mentioned that reviewers are supposed to speak the truth about a book, and its fine to mention the things you don't like but at least have the deceny to mention the things you enjoyed about the book as well. Because chances are if you hated every single thing to do with the book you probably would have put it down. I mean why waste your time on something you don't like? But I know I can't change everyone, and people can write whatever they want. So I guess we "good honest reviewers" just have to stick together and remind authors that they will always have fans and they will always have haters, but only one of those groups matters. They just have to realize for themselves what is more important to them.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I would never I follow because of a reviewer speaking their mind.

    Happy Reading!

  • Charlie___Tango

    Well said! I have not read of the books you mention in the post, but for me the one that got me was the reviews for Entwined with You. For me, I started reading romance because I fell in love with FSOG. After that book was finished – everyone and their mother begged for a 4th book. But when Syliva Day decides to do it on her own, without being asked she get's sacked from fans. I loved the 3rd book and agree that she could not just end it there. They had too much to work through and too many secrets to reveal to rush it.

    I review my reads based on the book. There are few times where I will rate something below a 3 star – I don't need it to blow my mind – I just need it to entertain me. If I dislike a book, or parts of a book I try to state it in a way that is productive. We all have different tastes and certain things that bother us when we read. But if your comments aren't conducive to assisting the author or other readers then post a rant some place else and not in a review.

  • Megan Keith

    Good on you for speaking out! I totally agree with you! And though I cannot comment on two of the authors you speak of a I am not familiar with them, I know where you are coming from. And I see it more and more.

    Today I wrote my review for Sylvia Day's ETW and I read some of the other reviews you mentioned, the 1 stars. The thing is that people read this book because they loved the other two in the series. The content of the book was great, the writing spectacular and that is what I reviewed on. That what writing a review is about! And who doesn't want more Gideon? I say yes to more Gideon and yes I want more books in that series! As frustrating as cliffhangers can be if the readers that wrote such poor reviews were true fans of Ms. Day's they would have known going into it that there were another two books coming! They need to get over themselves and be fairer to the authors!

  • littleread1

    Um, not all of us have read the Sookie book – so thanks for the spoiler alert there …. and the people who write the reviews being upset who she ends up with are technically about the book. The rest I agree with you though.

  • JM

    On behalf of all authors out there, THANK YOU for writing this, and I hope every reader out there in the blogosphere reads this.
    I can't tell you how frustrating it is to slave over a book for months, have a reader read it in two hours, then slam it because it was too short. It's one of my pet peeves. Yes, readers all have valid opinions, but being on the internet gives them the anonymity to spout off about anything they want to, regardless of who it's about.
    I had a reader once give me a one star review because she had yet to read it, but wanted it on her Goodreads list. I had another give me a one star and thought the book was the best thing she'd read in forever and couldn't wait to read the rest of my books. HUH?
    Obviously, some reviews are just random WTF's, but the concentrated attacks against authors are truly terrifying. I feel bad for Sylvia, because I can guarantee you, she gets buttloads of emails begging for more Gideon. So she decides to give it to them. Her mistake was in promoting the books as a trilogy, rather than a series. People expected everything to be tied up with the third book, and it wasn't. That pissed them off. I guarantee you though, that they will buy her up[coming books just to get a Gideon fix. I have a feeling her reviews will run lower in general now though, because of this mess.
    It's hard to please everyone. As authors, we try to make everything nice and neat, but sometimes it's harder to do than expected. Be patient with us, and try to remember it's actual people reading those hateful words on the other end. I don't get very many bad reviews, but I DO remember every one of them. Unfortunately.
    Great post Crystal. Thank you.

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