Texas Pride, By Kindle Alexander

book contains M/M romance**


When mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner, Austin Grainger voluntarily gave up his dazzling film career, his adoring fan base thought he’d lost his mind. For Austin, the seclusion of fifteen hundred acres in the middle of Texas sounds like paradise. No more cameras, paparazzi, or overzealous media to hound him every day and night. Little did the sexiest man alive know when one door closes, another usually opens. And Austin’s opened by way of a sexy, hot ranch owner right next door.Kitt Kelly wasn’t your average rancher. He’s young, well educated and has hidden his sexuality for most of his life. When his long time wet dream materializes as his a new neighbor it threatens everything he holds dear. No way the ranching community would ever accept him if he came out. With every part of his life riding on the edge, can Kitt risk it all for a chance at love or will responsibility to his family heritage cost him his one chance at happiness?

Crystal’s Review:

I’m going to be perfectly honest here; there was just something about Kitt that made me keep reading this book.  I don’t know if it is because all girls have that secret crush for cowboys, is it his innocence, or just the fact that there is something about him that I just wanted to find out.  No matter what it is, after I started reading this book, I did not want to put it down.
You have Austin who is used to getting everything his way (typical city boy) who gives up his life in the spotlight to go back home.  That reminds me of something my mom always tells me, that sometimes you just need to go back home.  I guess that she must have told Austin that as well because that is what he did, bought himself a ranch and then moved to start his life the way he wanted to.
Throughout the story, you have Austin who does seem a bit selfish.  He knows the reasons why Kitt can’t/won’t come out, yet he keeps trying to push him for more.  I got the brat vibe from him a lot.  It seemed like enough though
he said he was happy with the way their relationship was, he actually wasn’t.
Kitt is the victim of child abuse, but he doesn’t let that slow him down.  He is set on bringing his family’s ranch back to what it used to be, before everything happened with his father.  You can tell that he is completely devoted to his family; he even sold off some of his land so that he could send his sister to college.
                “You snore.” Austin whispered simply.”
                “I’ve heard that before,” Kitt said dryly.
                “Did Fisker complain about it?”
Austin let his obvious jealously out in the words and Kitt chuckled.
                “My sisters tell me.  It’s one of the reasons I’m down here.  I can get loud during sinus season
Ok seriously now, he moved because his snores kept his sisters awake! You can tell that he’s an amazing man.  His concerns about coming out are all because of the way he has seen people act in his town.  He doesn’t want to lose everything that he has worked for, and put his family in danger as well.  He also does understand that Austin needs more than he can give, so he tries his hardest to do what he can to show Austin that he cares about him, and wants to be with him.
But when everything that Kitt has built comes crashing down on him, will he be able to understand why it all
happened?  Or even more, will Kitt and Austin be able to weather the storm that is brewing?
While the story did have its ups and downs, being able to watch the relationship between Kitt and Austin grow
was great to see.  The ending of the book, it was one of those; I thought I knew, but I wasn’t sure if I was right type endings.  But let me say this, even though I thought I knew, I was still shocked to find out!
This is another great title by Kindle and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for another Male Male
romance to read!
This book is currently $3.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
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