Secrets and Sins: Gabriel, By Naima Simone

Twenty years ago, Leah Bannon’s beloved Uncle Richard vanished without a trace. Leah, now a private investigator, begins to suspect it was murder. When she reopens the cold case, Gabriel Devlin—-the man she loves but can never have—-inexplicably stands in her way.Only four people know the truth about Richard’s mysterious disappearance—-Gabriel and three childhood friends…who have all sworn to take that secret to the grave. But a hidden enemy wants those shocking secrets brought to light…even if he has to kill to make it happen.

After experiencing an unimaginable loss two years ago, Gabriel refuses to put himself through the pain of loving someone who could be gone in an instant. But as he thwarts Leah’s investigation at every turn—-both to keep his friends’ pact, and to keep her safe from danger—-the sexy PI makes it impossible for him to protect his secrets. Or his heart…

                This is one of those books, where the secrets that are obvious, yet hidden at the same time started to bug me while reading.  I had pretty much figured out what the “big” secret was for the book almost right from the beginning.  But I did still like how the secret was kept hidden from Leah throughout the course of the book.
                Gabriel’s character was just WOW.  I could almost feel his pain when he was re-living what had happened in his past.  Reading what he had went through, and was still going through, it was written so lifelike that you could see  it as something that people have actually went through in life.  (I mean more the emotions that they feel.)
                Leah’s character showed strength during the book; even when she was faced with things that would have made me almost pee my pants!   She was very strong willed and wouldn’t give up no matter what until she reached the end of her battle.
                The only twist that I found in this book was at the very end.  I did NOT expect who was the bad guy to be
the bad guy.  That completely caught me off guard.
                With all that being said and done, even though I did know what was going on, I would still share this book with my followers.


This book is available for pre-order at $2.99 US Dollars.
This title releases June 24th, 2013.
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