Rackula, By Krisit Creme

A beautiful brunette, dead bodies, mystery, and sex. Who is draining the blood from the victims? And why do they all die with erections?
                I do understand that when a book is short, you can’t have extremely high expectations for that book.  There is no way to get a bunch of information into a small number of pages unless you want to overburden the reader.
                To me though, with this book I wish there would have been more information.  I do not know if there is  another book after this one, I hope there is because the amount of questions that are left with me I would like answered.
                The sex scenes in this book were extremely steamy!  I did enjoy that part of them!! 😀
                If you’re looking for another steamy short, this is the one for you!  I will keep my eyes out to see if there is another book after this one for sure.