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Desiree Deorto twists a tale in The Prophecy that’s sure to delight and keep you turning the pages. This is a tour about the girl behind the story.

Back for some more “Finish the sentence” with Desiree already are we…okay we’ll here you go. :)) Remember you can comment below with your own sentence starter and we’ll get Desi to answer them! (tomorrow they’ll be posted here)
1.       I forgot… where I put my pants once. Weird conversation followed o.O
2.       One of these days… I will have a house, instead of a craptastic apartment
3.       Shoot me… now
4.       What happens when the sky starts to… turn to ash and your nose falls off?
5.       I really need my… glasses.Seriously, where did I put those damn things?

“I’m a stay-at-home mother of four (no, it isn’t very glamorous unless you have a fascination with diapers and baby puke)who finally decided to grow a pair and follow one of my passions: writing. I’ve been known to throw glitter and threaten people with unicorns. I hate writing biographies because they make me feel really ‘look at me! Look at me!’ when I’m really one of those ‘*waves hand* this is not the person you were looking for* type. I hope everyone enjoys my books, and look forward to providing more books that everyone will love!”


1.       Are experiences in The Prophecy based on someone you know, or events in your life?
      Yes, actually.  While it is a paranormal,the  life situations themselves are rather similar to what I went through in high school.  I always believe that, even with books that have made up beings or paranormal creatures, that if you still maintain a sense of humanity and the feeling that you could run into or know someone like the characters or how they react in situations that anyone will be able to connect with them.  When you read something and you think to yourself ‘why is she so calm and accepting about this? I would flip the hell out!” Then you can’t fully connect, which makes the story lack a lot of its luster.
2.       Are there any new authors that have grabbed your attention?
     Geesh, lol. Bring out the big guns with that one!  Michele G. Miller, like I stated previously. Felicia Starr (I beta read for her, and her book is freaking amazing!) will have her book published soon, I hope.   And really, if I haven’t heard of an author or a book before, then they’re new to me. There’s way too many to count.Oh, and I’m dying to get my hands on Heather Hildenbrands fourth book in

the Dirty Blood series!


3.       Doyou remember how you became interested in writing?

      I’ve always written. I had a really badchildhood and writing, art, and reading were my only forms of escape.  I loved creating world where no matter how

much a character had to go through, if they tried enough and kept strong then

they would have a happy ending, or a happy ending in progress. I don’t believe

in definite happiness, because even after the last book in the series, there’s

still life afterward.  So I just like to

leave them as you know they can have a happy ending and more happiness than

despair throughout the remainder of their life.

1.       Whatis your favorite TV show of all time i.e. you’ve seen them all, can watch it

over and over again and quote lines from it?

      This may be bad, but I really don’t watch T.V. BUT when Iused to, I loved True Blood (my friend brought the first two seasons over) and

I adored

2.       Whatwould you call yourself if you could choose your own name?

      When I was a kid, I wanted to change myname to Crystal. No clue why now, but back then I was adamant about it.  I have to say that I’m glad I didn’t and I

have grown used to my name, even though its difficult for some people to

pronounce ^.^

3.       What’s the worst/most embarrassingCD/Album you’ve ever owned and do you still have it?

4.       Ifyou were an ice cream/haagen daz/Ben and Jerry flavor what would you be?

5.       Whenwas the last time you cried laughing and why?

      Ever since I had kids my hormones have been screwy.  So now, if I start laughing really hard I’lljust break out sobbing for NO FLIPPING REASON! People will look at me and be

like ‘are you laughing or crying?’ and I just sit there, tears streaming down

my face while laugh/sobbing and be all like ‘I don’t sob knoooow!”

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The people of Shiloh, Virginia thought it was just a story. A legend to keep children from misbehaving. A challenge to prove you have courage. What they didn’t know was that it was real. All of it was real.

When Starlette McKinley moved from the sparkling lights of LA to the sleepy town of Shiloh, she didn’t know that she would be the catalyst. She didn’t know that the rage and energy pulsing through her would be the key to unleashing an insurmountable power that would either be the saving of mankind, or its destruction.

The blood will run, and the prophecy will be revealed. But will she be able to overcome the insurmountable odds? Or will she succumb to the energy within, welcoming the darkness that has become her only friend.

The Prophecy (Divinity Stone)

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