Practically Perfect, By Dale Brawn

A man murders the first four infants he fathers with his lover, then tries again with a fifth. Two men have three things in common: each commits what seems like a perfect murder, each marries his victim’s wife far too soon, each has an overdue appointment with the gallows. A man cuts up the body of his victim into little pieces and gets away with the
crime until he slaughters another neighbour six years later.
Practically Perfect details the crimes of killers who very nearly got away with perfect murders, including the tale of Marie Beaulne, who laced her husband’s food with poison, only to be found out when a priest recalled someone else dying that way in his village. Each tale provides specific details on the planning of each murder, the events leading up to the discovery of the criminal, and the results of the
trial, usually resulting in an execution. 
                I have been called a great many things in my life; some call me weird, stranger or different.  However it doesn’t really bother me anymore being called those names.  One of the things that have caused people to say that about me is my interest in old serial killers.  Even almost 10 years ago, I would research them and just learn about them, what caused them to “lose it”. (No I am not a serial killer in training! It’s just interesting to read is all!!)
                When I found this book of short stories, that are all based upon actual serial killers from the past needless to say my interest was piqued!  I thought it was amazing how Dale took some of the most well-known acts of violence, as well as some that aren’t that commonly known, and write about them in such a way that you could understand what was going on.
                One of the big issues that I had faced in the past when reading about the serial killers, was there was a lot of the legal speak.  With me not having a legal education at all, that would confuse me.  But in this book, it is easy to follow along with what was being talked about.  It was interesting to read the way that people would be committing these murders and hope they wouldn’t get caught, even if they told someone!
                All in all, I believe that Dale did an amazing job writing these cases to where anyone can understand what was going on.  There were enough details that you could understand completely everything that was being spoke about, but not so many as you got lost in them.
                This book is going to be on my “buy paperback” list for sure!!!
This book is scheduled to be released on Jul 6th, 2013.
When the title is up, I will add the purchase information!!