No Second Chances, By RJ Greer

Another job interview that starts out just like all others, turns into a lustful struggle and control of a wild relationship
between a techy UCLA graduate and the horribly damaged yet ravishingly beautiful VP of WCC.
Aaden Macgregor graduated from UCLA with the hopes and dreams of something greater. Destiny Walters is the control freak of a VP that is every man’s dirty desire. Destiny’s scent broke Aaden’s interview fears and drove him to lay eyes upon a queen utterly out of his fantasies. Aaden decides to seize the day and overcome his social challenges by making a once in a lifetime confession that sparks an adventure unlike any other. 
But why would a VP of a international company be interested in a guy full of self doubt? Will this adventure end with each of their wicked desires satisfied or will it turn into the most passionate relationship either has ever experienced?
Are yalls ready?? We got the DOUBLE
review going on today!!!!
Crystal’s Review:
                Being offered the chance to receive an Advanced Review Copy of a book is a HUGE thing.  You are one of the lucky ones that get to read a book before its published and “out there” for the rest of the world.  That is something that a lot of blogger will BEG for copies of.
                With this book, I was lucky enough because RJ contacted us and asked if we wanted to review his book, and of course we couldn’t say no.  After reading the synopsis of the book, it seemed as though it was something different than what I have been reading.
                This review, I am going to do the way I did another one in the past, what I liked and what I didn’t like.  So here we go!!**SMALL SPOILER ALERT!!!***

Things that I DID like about the book:

                I really enjoyed how the book is told from the man’s perspective!  Lately it seems with a lot of the books that
are being released, it’s always told from the women’s views.  Finding a book where the man is the one telling everything was great!
                It was completely different to see a man take on the submissive side of a relationship!!  Even though they were not in a total BDSM relationship, Aaden is submissive to Destiny in many aspects.
                The amount of details that were given when speaking about the different projects.  It shows that Rick knows what he is talking about when he describes them.
Things that I DIDN’T like about the book:
                The amount of details that are in the book, even though that is a good thing to a degree.  There were parts of the story that I skimmed over because I didn’t understand what was being talked about.  There is a fine line between too much and too little and this book grabbed that line.
                I absolutely didn’t like the part of the book where Aaden is thinking about on the relationship that he has started with Destiny and he makes the comment about how he was raped and he enjoyed it.  It might just be the female part in me, but he making jokes about being willingly raped rubbed me the wrong way.
With the good and the bad in this book, it was still an interesting read for me.  I would read more from the author in the future.
Sara’s Review:
Imagine this:  A tawdry threesome results in the conception of a child.  The parents: the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”,
the movie “The Graduate” and the TV show “Chuck”.  The resulting offspring: this book.  It’s part romance, part coming of age story, part mystery…and I enjoyed it.
This was a different read for me primarily because it’s from the male perspective, which I both appreciate and find abhorrent.  Our hero Aaden is just a dude’s dude being a dude, dutifully. As a result, this book is the fantasy of every  130 pound nerdy, frat boy in the world who dreams that after he graduates from college with a computer degree, he will then manage to land his dream job and kinky dream lady in the same day.  As I was reading this, I kept wondering if this is how men really think (and how much they think of their wang).  If they do, I seriously need to reassess my 20’s, because that is an entire decade that I have misconstrued the hell out of.  In the first chapter alone we are treated to Aaden’s thoughts on “obvious double chins” (doesn’t like ‘em) and “cottage cheese ass” (shockingly—not a fan, as appetizing as he makes it sound), and he mentions his penis at least 63 times.  Ok, maybe not 63, but there’s a
lot of penis involved.   As a woman, I had a difficult time connecting with Aaden as a character, though he was entertaining and engaging…I thought he was jerk.
I will say that this book took me someplace I did not expect when I began it.  Aaden is smart, and it serves both
him and the reader well as he unravels the mysteries and intrigue of his new place of employment, West Coast Companies, and his love interest, Destiny.  Ahhh Destiny…to quote one of my favorite movies, she has “A head for business, and a bod for sin” (bonus if you can name that 80’s flick!).
I should also mention that the sex is HOT.  Really hot.  Destiny is a, ahem, strong and independent woman.  That’s
nice to see.  So many stories these days follow the alpha male formula and it’s a breath of fresh air to read a book that deviates from that with strong female characters.  Destiny takes both Aaden and the reader on a journey of sexual awakening and adventure.  She’s naughty…so very, very naughty.
All in all, this was a 3.5 star read for me.  The writing, character development, pacing and plot development were all
good.  The computer jargon was bit too much for me in parts…since my tech skills don’t really go beyond searching Google and pressing “control/alt/delete” if there’s a problem, I was a bit lost.  I couldn’t help but feel that while I found this to be an exciting and enjoyable read that as a woman in her mid-thirties, perhaps I am not the target audience for this book.   Though don’t let this dissuade you from reading it if it appeals to you…it’s a solid and diverting read!
**This book isn’t available for purchase yet, but when it goes live, I will be sure to add the link!**
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