Mossy Glenn Ranch, By Bailey Bradford

Mossy Glenn Ranch Books 1 and 2
The Mossy Glenn Ranch used to be a successful spread, but two demented owners in a row put an end to that. Although it was sold out from underneath them, three siblings re-purchase as much of the property as they can, and hire three men, Carlos, Will and Troy from Where There’s a Will, to bring the ranch back to the productive state it once was in.Will convinces them to make the ranch a haven for those cowboys and cowgirls who can’t be themselves on other ranches. He wants a home for not only him and his men, but he wants a family for them, too.

The different people who live and work at the ranch bring something special to it. Their lives are as twined together as their stories.

book contains M/M romance**



It’ll take hard work for Carlos, Troy and Will to turn the Mossy Glenn Ranch into the successful business it used to be, and even more challenging will be making the place their home.Carlos, Troy and Will met in Where There’s a Will. They found each other and a love not many people could imagine. It worked for them, and they’ve been handed a chance at a new life and a home of their own.

The Mossy Glenn Ranch, owned by three siblings, Nick, Rory, and Annabelle, used to be flush with success. Then the previous owners destroyed almost everything, selling their heritage right out from under the three.

They bought part of it back, and asked Carlos and his partners to make the place successful again. It’s a chance he grabs with both hands once his guys agree, but there are challenges for all of them, and Will’s desire to make the place specifically LGBT-employee friendly and safe may cause more trouble than they already find when the get to their new home.

From a situation in town that reminds Will all too much of his own abusive past, to the surprising support of many of the townsfolk, the trio find themselves facing new challenges and reaching for the love and support that grows stronger between them.

My Review:

                After the end of the Love in Xxchange series, I had HUGE hopes that Bailey was going to continue on with the characters.  Her series had pulled me into the world and I wasn’t ready to let it go yet!  So I was really excited when I found out that she had sorta continued the series, but with a new town and state.
                So then Mossy Glenn Ranch series started, and it starts with Carlos, Troy and Will.  The 3 men who we were left with in the Xxchange series.  This story is how they got settled in their new lives, and new roles in life.
                I was excited to find out that how their lives were going to change with starting over together.   During the course of this book, they are faced with the prejudice of a small town.  I did like that part because in the Xxchange series, there wasn’t that much prejudice in town.  The men work together to try to get the ranch back up to par, as well as hiring help.
                There is sex in this book, of course like all of Bailey’s books, but there is more to the story than the sex.  We are able to watch as Troy comes into his own, as Will “tries” to calm down his hyper self, and as Carlos tries to watch out for them all.
                During the course of this book, we can see some of the characters that we hope will be in future books.  There is the drama, the fighting, the confusion and of course the love between the men.  For this being the first book  in a new series, I think it was done very well and I can’t wait to read more from the series.
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Ian McCain’s always been one cold, hard man, but a sexy little cook is about to melt his heart.
Drake loves his job as a cook at the Mossy Glenn Ranch. He just wishes he wasn’t scared out of his mind. His ex has him convinced he’s never going to be loved again, so he vows to remain alone. Officer Ian McCain doesn’t play well with others—unless he’s got a whip or paddle in his hand and a sub at his feet. Control is all he’s had for years now,  and he doesn’t think he’s capable of having a relationship.
Then he pulls up at the Mossy Glenn and sees a sexy man with a cute puppy on a leash. From that moment on, Drake might as well have Ian on a leash too, or at least his heart. Ian breaks down Drake’s walls almost as fast as Drake destroys his.
But their chance for a happy life together is something they’re both going to have to fight for as Drake faces his fears and Ian faces losing everything.
Reader Advisory: This book contains references to physical abuse
My Review:
                Ok, after reading Chaps and Hope, I had complete mixed emotions about Drake.  But after reading this book, I think I fell in love with him just a little bit!
                With every book of Bailey’s that I read, I am always caught off guard with how well she seems to be able to write the emotions the characters are feeling.  There were parts of this story when Drake was going through his “problems” that I just felt horrible for him and wanted to cry with him.
                Even after finishing this book, I am unsure of Ian.  He shows up in the dark, literally, and he has his secrets.  By the end of the book it seems as though he still has some secrets that haven’t come to light yet.  (I even have mixed feelings about if I like him with my Drake!)  But he seems to be exactly what Drake needs.  I do wish that
there was more about why Ian got into the BDSM lifestyle, but it was also good the way that it was written.
                The only complaint that I have about this book is with Salt, I wonder what he role is in the book and if he will be getting his own story.  Or will we just be teased with him in the future?
                The drama that was going on in this book, it felt like there was more than in Chaps and Hope, but I do like how it played out.  I have a feeling that a certain character will come back into play at some point in the future, but I will just have to wait and find out!


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