Hunted, By Jaycee Clark

Sins can be buried, but they’re never forgotten . . .Morgan Gaelord has lived with the knowledge of her past and the fear of her secret for years. No one knows the truth behind her nightmares in the hellish Czech Republic underground, and they never will. She’s carved a life for herself, helping her brothers run the family antiquities business. Nothing and no one is taking this slice of contentment away from her.

Lincoln Blade III, owner of the premier Blade Jewelers, has put his past behind him. Retired from his days with InterPol and undercover operations, he’s enjoying the corporate side of life. He’s spent years in the cesspools of society, helping the lucky escape, and he has no intention of being dragged back.

But someone from both their pasts changes that. Women who escaped the world of sex slaves are being hunted and eliminated. When the victims are linked to Blade and his past, he’s forced back into a role he’d vowed to leave behind, and both he and Morgan must trust each other before the killer reaches his final target.

                The start of this book was very well written.  It drew you into the story and you wanted to find out more as to what was going on.  But also, on the other hand, the book starts the way that it does, and you have to wonder what exactly is going on.
                I have tried to understand, how a book that contains sex slaves and rape scenes could be considered a romance, even if there is a romance in the story.  However, when I think back on this book, the thing that pops into my head is the fact that they were sex slaves.  I can’t seem to move from that part of the story to what would be considered a romance.
                There were parts of the book that seemed to repeat themselves, but maybe that’s just the way that it seemed to me.  There is the BDSM aspect to this book also, but that was taken to such an extreme that there were parts of it where I didn’t want to continue reading.
                All in all, I think if you are looking for more of a suspense book, this would be the book for you.
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