Healed, By JS Cooper

Sometimes love can heal you from your scarred past. But sometimes it’s the love we don’t expect that makes the biggest impact.Lexi Lord has dreamed of dating Bryce Evans for years. But now that her dream has become a reality, she is no longer sure that he is the man for her. When a death unveils a deep secret, Bryce and Lexi’s world together is torn apart and they are both forced to question everything surrounding their relationship and very existence.

There are some bonds that can never be broken, but Lexi and Bryce have to decide which love can heal them from their scarred pasts and which love they have to let go of. Because sometimes letting go of someone can be the greatest gift of all.

‘Healed’ is the sequel to the bestselling book ‘Scarred’.

New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

                After the way that Scarred left off, I couldn’t wait to get my hands onto Healed, just to find out what happened next.  While reading this book, there were several parts that I had almost expected to happen, but there were also parts that caught me completely off guard.
                During the course of this book, the different characters seemed to grow a little bit, some more than others.  The different secrets that were hinted at in the first book were revealed in this book, which was great for me.  There were times when it felt as though the story was rushed a bit.  As if JS was trying to get all the information into the pages so to tell the whole story.
                Some of the secrets there were revealed where amazing to say the least.  I didn’t see some of them coming  for sure!  Watching how the different characters all reacted to the secrets as they came into light was different that’s  for sure.  To see how one person’s actions could affect the lives of everyone else’s is shown in this book.
                If you haven’t read Scarred yet, that is a must read before you read Healed.  That way you can understand what is going on in this book.
This book is currently $2.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
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