Fragile Bond, By Rhi Etzweiler

Sniper Sergeant Marc Staille and his trusty rifle, Mat, are on bodyguard duty at a mining operation on a backwater planet. The resource-rich valley is crawling with tawnies, the native dirt-colored predators. Huge things that hunt in packs and kill as well with tooth and claw as Marc ever has with Mat.The rules change when a tawny uses an unexpected weapon: pheromones.

Commander Hamm Orsonna, leader of the fefa clan, is determined to chase off the invading aliens. The one he sets out to capture for intel is scrawny and hairless, not very intimidating—until it takes out his entire squad. Seasoned warriors, felled from halfway down the valley by its metal death stick.

Their sacrifice may be worth it, though. The alien male smells like he’s interested in making things right. He smells of
other things too, but nobody else seems to notice. Before long, Hamm finds himself fighting off his own kind to defend the alien, who might be his people’s only hope for peace, and Hamm’s only chance for happiness.

                I am still unsure of how I feel about this book after having read it.  The sci-fi aspect of it was done extremely well.  The world that was created was done with just the right amount of details to where you could visualize it in front of you.  The aliens were also described in the same way, so you could tell what you were reading about.
                However, I think that this book wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, because the sci-fi aspect has such a huge part of the story.  Which yes I do understand that this is a sci-fi book, but I don’t think this was to my liking.
                Although I didn’t like the book, I will not give it a low rating because the writing was very well done.  I have several friends who enjoy reading these types of books and I will be sure to recommend this title to them.
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