EPIC: Legacy, By Justin Osborne

Almost a billion people have simply vanished in the last six months. 

Deacon’s mother sends him to stay with his eccentric uncle Evon in an effort to keep him safe. Upon his arrival, he learns that his uncle is more than a little on the strange side, he was once a legendary hero.

At first Deacon is reluctant to believe his uncle’s stories, but after meeting his brownie butler, dwarf wife, not to …mention the dragon head mounted as a trophy in the foyer, Deacon is starting to come around.

After drinking too much ‘Meadale’ the night before, Deacon accidently falls through a Faerie Mound it his uncle’s backyard, where he ends up trapped in Avalon, a doomed world where all our myths and legends are real, and the only way back home is the badly wounded (and pissed off) faerie that brought him there.

Deacon’s quest to get help for the injured faerie lands him in the village of Fen Glennan, where his uncle is a hero and he is an untrusted outsider from the horrific world of Abaddon (Earth). During his stay, He finds a few friends, a few enemies, and perhaps even love.

Upon his return to Earth, Deacon is forced to carry on his uncles ‘legacy’ and fulfill his dying wish, save the people of Fen Glennan and as many in Avalon as he can before it’s destruction.

                When I first started reading this book, I was unsure of if I would be able to finish reading it.  The blurb piqued my interest from the start, so I was excited when I started.  However, the first few chapters had me wondering if maybe my blurb-radar was off.  However, I will always try to finish what I start and in the case of this book, it ended up paying off.
                In the beginning of this book, there was a lot of information throw at you at once.  It took me a couple times reading through what was being said just too fully understand what was going on.  Another issue that I had with it was there were certain characters that spoke in a certain dialect.  While Justin did an amazing job writing in that dialect, it was also hard for me to follow at times.
                Once the book really gets going, there is still a lot of information that is displayed, but it is done in a way that it’s easier to follow.  You only have to understand one thing at a time, as opposed to several things.  The world’s that Justin was able to create, and the different creatures as well, were done in a way that you couldn’t wait to find out more.
                With the way the book ended, it certainly opened up the pathway to a second book in the series.  There were many parts of this book that could do with more explaining, but I am hoping that the next book will be able to answer any questions that are left behind from reading this one.
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