Double Dom Fantasies, By Cassidy Browning

Reeling from the loss of her boyfriend, job, and self-respect, Sami Peters is shocked to find herself at the inaugural BDSM Boot Camp at Clifftop Fantasies. If that isn’t enough, she’s partnered with not one but two semipro football players, Andrew Jackson “AJ” Weatherford and Lance “Crash” Carter. AJ is pining over his ex, and the normally happy-go-lucky Crash is distressed by the amount of vegetables in the cooking at Clifftop. Sami finds herself taking classes with these two in rope bondage, needle play, and scene negotiation, among other alarming topics. On top of everything else, Sami’s best friend Carly and most of the Grandpointe leather community are under attack by a moral crusader.
Can Sami, AJ, and Crash save the community and themselves by exploring this new lifestyle together? Should she submit to the guys as they learn to be Doms, or are they just out slumming? ** A Siren Erotic Romance
                You know you are reading a good book, when halfway through; you call up your friends and tell them they HAVE to buy the book.  That is what happened to me with this book!!!  There were parts of it where I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears, and other parts that were so informational, that I actually learned a thing or two!
                The characters in this book were written to where they all had completely different personalities.  Sami’s character shows the sense of innocence that a lot of women have these days but also has her strength that shows through at times.  Crash and AJ seem like the typical football player bad-asses, but during the course of the book, you get to learn that there is more to them than meets the eye.
                One thing that I completely enjoyed about this book was the fact that you were learning throughout the book.  While the characters were going through the BDSM Boot Camp, you were as well.  Cassidy didn’t skip over  details that are important such as the safety during certain scenes.  There were also many different techniques that were explained and demonstrated in this book.
                The only thing that I did not like about this book was the “instant love” between Sami, AJ and Crash.  Even though they had known each other for over a week, it still seemed as though it was all tied up too nicely at the end.  I would have figured there would have been more arguments about the relationship than there were.  They all seemed to take it rather in stride.
                This is one book that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the BDSM world.  You are able to learn certain things about the lifestyle that might shock you, in a good way.
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