Desires of a Dark Lord, By Jae Lynn Davies 3

Ordered to claim the soul of a particular human woman, rare incubus demon, Ronan accepts the challenge with the promise of power and freedom.He meets his target—curvaceous attorney, Ginevra Gimes and vows to deliver her every desire so long as she promises her soul in return. But when the two connect on a level neither one expects, Ginevra and Ronan succumb to mutual passion.

While an undeniable bond exists between them, can he surrender her to another or will he risk eternal slavery to claim
her for himself?

                Ronan will do anything to get out of hell.  Literally Hell.  Being an incubus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so when the chance to be released comes up he jumps at the chance to take it.  But what he wasn’t ready for was what he would have to do to be released.
                Ginevra didn’t care about what people thought of her, all she cared about was doing what she thought was best for her clients.  Being a lawyer allowed her to give a voice to those in need.  But what she didn’t realize was that her job would put her at risk for something even bigger than she ever thought about.
                When the future of both Ronan and Ginevra hangs in the balance who will win?  Good or Evil?


                One of the paranormal characters that don’t have that many books written about it is the incubus.  I don’t see why more people don’t write about them!! They are very interesting, at least in my opinion.  But let’s put my opinions on that topic aside and talk more about the book!
                When it comes to Hell, I am sure that many of us have our own views on what it would look like.  Jae Lynn brought us into what she believes Hell looks like in this book.  The descriptions of everything, even down to the types of clothing that the different characters down there wear, was very well done.
Ronan’s character was very easy to follow and to root for.  He was written in a way that you could feel sorry for everything he is going through.  You could feel his desire for Ginevra during the course of the whole book.  You could feel his heartache when he realized what had happened and he realized what he had lost.
Ginevra’s character shows the good in people.  Her desire shows when she gives a voice to others, when she cares more about her job than she does her appearance.  Her undying love for those that she cares about when she does whatever it takes to save Ronan.
The story line of this book is filled with the sexual tension between Ronan and Ginevra, the desire that they both have for the other.  All of the characters in this book leave you wanting for more.
This is the first book that I have read from Jae Lynn and I have to say that I am completely completely  COMPLETELY satisfied with this book and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future!!  (I also hope there is a sequel!!)
Desires of a Dark Lord sucked me in from the very first page and I couldn’t put the book down no matter how much I wanted!

3 thoughts on “Desires of a Dark Lord, By Jae Lynn Davies

  • Terry

    I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I love Jae Lynne Davies. I even had the opportunity to meet her at Authors After Dark in NOLA *squeez like a fan girl* It doesn't surprise me that she can create worlds, characters and stories that totally capture us.

    Crystal it sounds like Ronan worked his Incubus magic on you *wink*

    • Jae Lynne Davies

      Terry, I can't wait for you to read the book as well! Soon, I promise. Ronan worked sexy magic on Crystal. And I don't think she's met my vamps yet. 😉

  • Jae Lynne Davies

    Crystal, thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad to see that you've enjoyed the read. I was just saying that I worked so hard on this one and it's one of the shorter books that I've written. I've learned so much during this writing experience and I'm currently applying those skills to my latest work in progress, Ashes of Reckoning. A writer is always learning, always improving and hoping each novel is better than the last. Thanks for your kind words. I'm truly beaming at the moment.

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