A Week With My Romanian Books 1 and 2, By Steffie Dawn

A Week With My Romanian
Books 1 and 2
Pleasing My Master Book 1
Having been dreaming of meeting her Romanian Master since the day they met online Ella is on a trip of a lifetime to Bucharest! Join her & her Master on a journey of discovery & learning. On her arrival Ella is thrown into the deep end with a session in Master’s dungeon & a trip outside the confines of his apartment finds her in some trouble!EXTENDED 

Being a twenty two year old student from the United Kingdom Ella doesn’t know what to expect when she boards the jet to Bucharest. Her online relationship has been keeping her occupied for over a year but she doesn’t know how that will fair when transferred to real life. All she knows for certain is in the year they’ve been playing on the internet
and web camera, she has fallen head over heels in love with the only man to ever control her in the way she desires and needs. But will love be enough for this duo when their online relationship is played out in real life?
Review Time:
                While this book was good, it wasn’t the greatest that I have read.  But taking into account that it’s the first
book that Steffie has written, I think that she did a really good job with it.
           The whole story seems a bit strange, but then again it has probably happened in real life as well.  Ella has taken part in a yearlong ONLINE bdsm relationship with a man.  She then proceeds to head to his country to take part in a week long relationship.  There were some parts of the story that just didn’t seem would actually happen, but I’m sure that’s part of why it’s a story!
                The story has the right balance between introducing the characters and the sex that takes part between Ella and her Master.  It also shows how even though Ella wants to submit completely, the challenge she faces by doing so.  Just because she can do it online, doesn’t mean she can do it in real life.
                There were some parts of the story that seemed to repeat themselves, and some parts seemed like there was too much details put into it.  But overall, this is a really good first book for Steffie and a really great start to a serial novella series!


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Pleasing My Master Book 2

 After Ella was punished for her transgression she knew she had to take the leap to being collared by her Master, a leap he was more than willing to take with her. How will things fair for our submissive now that she has given him the ultimate power?EXTENDED

The second day begins with the newly collared Ella waking in the arms of her beloved Master. Still astonished, the submissive sees the morning through with an abundance of excitement, however, another trip outside the confines of the apartment brings more challenges and emotions than Ella could have anticipated. Meeting Master’s friend allows Ella a greater understanding of herself but also leaves her with more questions about her enigmatic, close-mouthed Dominant. Will this unlikely couple make it to the end of the second day with a stronger relationship? Or will Ella’s unbridled curiosity get the better of her?

Review Time:

                This book written a lot better than Meeting My Master was.  I think that Steffie was able to find her writing groove with this book; you could tell that just by reading it.
                As we follow Ella and her Master on the second day of their relationship, it ends up helping her in many ways.  Being a “new” submissive, Ella is having problems understanding the emotions that she is feeling.  She is unsure if they are natural, or if there is something wrong with her.  Her Master, knowing what to do best, has her meet with another submissive, so that she will have someone else to talk to.
                By adding that part into this book, it makes the book have a more “real” aspect to it.  Honestly I am  completely glad that she didn’t just fall into the submissive role right away.  In real life it doesn’t happen that way and
it was great of Steffie to add that view.
                Master is still being secretive with his life, and that is good to a degree but it’s also annoying as well.  His character hasn’t developed that much in this book, which leaves you wanting more.  You want to find out what his secrets are, and what has happened to him in the past.
                With the way this book ended, I can’t wait to read more into the serial!


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