A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing, By Tielle St. Clare

book contains M/M romance**



Blinded by a crazed doctor, Reese knows he has no chance of ever finding a mate…what good is a blind werewolf to  anyone? But when an accident puts him in the path of a sexy veterinarian, Reese can’t control his wolf’s desire to have the lovely human. 
Kieve couldn’t be more surprised when a neighbor brings him an injured wolf. It only takes a few minutes to realize the affectionate animal is someone’s pet and not a wild creature. While he searches for the animal’s owners, he begins
having the strangest dreams—a hot sexy man in his bed, making love to him, and then turning into the pretty wolf right before his eyes. It’s clearly a sign he needs to get laid.
Reese tries to stay away from Kieve. It wouldn’t take much for his wolf to imprint on the delicious doctor. But Reese’s past isn’t finished with him yet and if he doesn’t find a way to deal with it, he’ll have no future with Kieve.

Review Time:

                I first found the Welsh Wolves series with the first book, Let Sleeping Wolves Lie, and I thought it was great!  (That was way before my blogging days.)  I just fell in love with all the characters, and their different stories and I couldn’t wait for more.  So when I found out that the second book in the series, A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, was out, my 1 Click finger got a workout buying this book!
                We first met Reese in Sleeping, and we learned that he was a blind wolf.  Something that isn’t common in  the wolf shifters because of their healing abilities.  So we were left wondering what it was that happened to him.  You could tell that even though he was blind, he could see a lot more than he was letting on.  But he had his secrets.
                During the course of this book, we get to spend more time with him and learn about what happened to him.  We get to learn about how their “pack” was created with the misfits, and even more, we get to go along with Reese when he finds his mate.
                What started as a threat on his life, turned into a joke being played on him, and then lead to him finding the one he was destined for.  Throughout the whole course of that, it was amazingly written.  That is one thing that I do enjoy about Tielle’s writing, is that she has a way that she can be writing something completely horrible (what  happened to Reese to cause his blindness) but it makes you want to read more.
                Kieve believes that he is going crazy, there is no reason why he should be feeling this way towards a wolf, or even more, why he is having these dreams that seem so real to him.  When he finds out what Reese is, we are left wondering if he can accept him for what he truly is, or will he walk away?
                While this book has the hot sex scenes that you can expect from Tielle, you can also feel the love that the pack members have for each other.  They all care for them, and want what is best for everyone; even if that means heading into a possible ambush.  The suspense in this story will drive you crazy because you want to know what is going to happen next, but it also leaves you wanting to find out what will happen next.
                All in all, I thought it was a great continuation to the series, and I can’t wait to read more from the author!
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