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book contains M/M romance**

Part one in the Yes, Forever serialJust when John Weston thinks he’s got it all together, he learns he’s really just buried his head in the sand.

John Weston has been using his past behaviour as a weapon against himself. He’s not wanted to fall back into old habits and ways that nearly destroyed him. That’s why he’s kept to himself for  the past two years.Little by little, things happen that begin to make him see what he’s really done—wall himself off in such a way that he no longer knows how to be around people outside of his job and his family.

One man will come along and rattle John’s self-imposed cage, and start John  on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance he didn’t even know he  needed. John will have to take risks instead of hide away, and learnthat making mistakes doesn’t mean he’s a lost cause. It simply means he’s a man who can feel more than he’d ever thought he could.

 This novella is $0.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
My Review:
As a complete fan of Bailey’s work, when this first came out, I couldn’t wait to grab my copy of it!!Yes, the story is short, but it is a great start to a mini-series and I personally cannot wait for more. She gave you enough to keep you interested, without giving away too much of the future story line. I can’t wait for the next in the series to come out so we can keep learning more about John and see the way his life is going to be changed.

Even though I was able to get this book while it was still free, I would have paid the $0.99 for it because it was worth it!

Another story well done Bailey!!


Part Two in the Yes, Forever serial
Confused, hurt and suddenly attracting more men than he has in years, John’s life is beginning to spin out of control.John hadn’t known what he wanted when Benji came over asking if he wanted to get off, but he certainly hadn’t wanted things to ends badly like they did.

Now he’s got more issues than he knows what to do with, and to make matters worse—or maybe better—John’s family has decided his love life, or lack thereof, needs investigating and meddling into.

Benji—he’s in John’s thoughts too often, but Benji had been clear about not wanting any strings. He couldn’t make it any clearer when John sees him in the lobby one morning.

John finds himself having a date with an attractive older man, and trying to let go of thoughts about Benji. Benji sure isn’t thinking about him. The odd date ends awkwardly, for John at least, and he realises he has to start thinking about everything he says he wants, and what he really wants.

My Review:
                So after waiting for Part 2 to be released, there were many ideas that went through my head, (yes I almost sound like the writer here!) as to what I was hoping Bailey would have John would do next.  But I have to say, I was soooooo excited when I was finally able to read the second part of the series!
                One thing I really enjoyed about this part of the series is we got to know a little more about John’s family.  It was nice to get to “meet” them and actually learn about them.  They aren’t just the family that’s in the background anymore.
                The confusion that John is feeling with Benji is so lifelike, because even while reading, it was almost like it was happening to someone you know.  As funny as it sounds, I am glad that Bailey had John go on the date with the older man, because it helped teach John about his feelings.
                All in all, once again I can’t wait to see what Bailey has in store for John in the next installment!
This novella is $0.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
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