The Vampire’s Gallery, By Antoinette M

Maria, desperate for some action, turns to internet dating. Her first date is going well until he tells her he’s a vampire and he intends to drink her dry.Jamie hasn’t thought about sex in years, not until Maria is down on her knees in front of him tugging at his pants. He agrees to grant her final wish, a night of passion before her death. He
surprises them both and turns her.

Now Maria is in his car on her way to a whole new life, and a new set of problems.

The Vampire’s Gallery is a paranormal romance that contains scenes of sex intermingled with blood, some light bondage, and a M/F/M scene.

                So I have to say, if I was in the face of death, I don’t really know what I would do.  But Maria’s request had me laughing!  If I was dying I don’t know if I would be thinking about having sex, I give her mad props for being able to be thinking about that at a time like that.
                Although this is a shorter story, I think it was well written and it leaves it open for future books.  The aspect of the family of vampires, it was different that’s for sure.  I personally thought it was a great thing to have, because most of the time vampires are solitary creatures.
                Jamie’s character has the typical bad guy attitude, but he also has his softer side that shows at times.  Maria’s personality was completely funny at times, she was able to hold herself up and show how strong she was.
                There were times that it was confusing, when Maria meets the family for the first time.  Trying to keep track of what all was going on, and who was who.  But later on, you got to know some of the other characters so it worked out in the end.
                I can’t wait to read more into this series and find out what happens next on Maria’s journey!
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