The Serendipity of Karma, By S.A. Price

CJM is the biggest music event in NYC, and Will it! Records has a showcase of their insanely awesome talent, headlined by Thirteen Shades of Red. Saffron, excited and proud of the band she manages, hits a road block with the festival and showcase— Her ex, the man that ripped out her heart and stomped on it— will be playing the showcase as a hopeful to get signed to Will it! Records.Seeing Sonny Jace again isn’t high on her need to do list, and she knows that it will open a whole heap load of problems for her, especially because she is well over him, and enamored of Rhys, the rock star that stole her heart. But confronting her past means so many things, and will open new doors for her, the band and the relationship she has with Rhys. If they can make it through the showcase without incident.

This is a 12k word story, set AFTER the events of GIVING UP THE GHOST. For those that wondered about Saffron’s old relationship, and who want to see how Saff and Rhys and the band are fairing now.

I have no problem admitting that I am a total Rhys fan, especially after reading Giving Up the Ghost. But let me tell you, this novella was so great on so many different levels. One thing that I did enjoy was the fact that we got to see Winter’s power!!! Oh and it’s such a tease, and it made me want his story to be out already.One thing that I did think about while reading GUTG was about Saffron and her ex’s, what would happen if she ever ran into them. Well this story has that in it, and I think that it worked out great. Now there are some parts of this novella that had me laughing out loud, (trust me it was hilarious) and there were other parts where I think my jaw hit the ground.

But all in all, although this is a shorter novella, it is totally worth the read. And in all honesty, if you are unsure about this series, this would be the one to get because you get an insight into the certain
“powers” that some of the characters have. Be warned though, it will suck you in and you won’t be able to help but reading more!

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