The Plain of Bitter Honey, By: Alan Chin


     In the future when people lose faith in the government, they turn to the church.  But what happens if the church lets them down like the government has?  But more importantly, what happens when twin
brothers are separated, and one is brutally beaten?  Will the love that they have for each other
be able to give them the strength to fight for what is right?
     Aaron Swann has joined the Resistance, in hopes of defeating the church and the hold they have over everyone.  His twin Hayden has the writers dream, but he doesn’t tell his brother what he writes about.  When they are separated, Aaron does everything he can to get Hayden back, but will either of them be able to survive the trip to the Plain of Bitter Honey?
     During the trip they support each other, as well as learn things about the other that they didn’t know.  But when the end is near, will they be able to lean on each other to survive what could be the end?


     There have been very few books that I have read, where after reading them, I just sat on my couch and thought the book.  Even fewer books have caused me to still be thinking about them days later.
However, this book was one of those.  I finished reading this book 3 days ago, yet I haven’t started working on my review yet because I can’t seem to put into words what I want to say.
     When it comes to parts of this book, there is graphic violence that you see.  There are parts that will make you want to reach out and help the characters.  The love that Aaron and Hayden show for each other is such a pure form of love that it makes you wonder about life that is going on now.  Alan’s ability to write this story and make it seem real was amazing.  There were parts in it where I was wondering if that could actually happen in real life.
     This book is one that when it comes out in paperback, I will be sure to purchase my own copy.  (And that also very rarely happens.)  There is so much that I could say about this book, but it boils down to one simple thing.  I would completely recommend this book to anyone who reads.  Even if this is not their normal genre of reading, I would recommend it.
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