Stone Destiny, By A.C. Warneke


It has been fifteen years since the events of Stone Lover and Stone Romance. The veil between the two worlds has fallen and Armand Nosuntres no longer knows his purpose: he is a Guardian with nothing left to Guard. As he struggles with his new reality he is unaware that his destiny lies with the woman who loves him unconditionally, who has always loved him: Ferris Jacobs.A human raised in the world of magic, Ferris has never really fit in. Her best friend is an imp, her playmates are pixies, and she’s in love with a stubborn gargoyle who is having a difficult time seeing her as a grown woman. But she has a plan and before she is through Armand isn’t going to know what hit him.

In an attempt to protect the vibrant Ferris from her own folly, Armand makes a decision that dramatically changes everything, sending Ferris on a journey that she never expected but one that she ultimately had to take.

As passions explode and lovers are torn apart, Armand and Ferris have to find their way back to one another before fate spins out of control and destroy everything in its path.

Stone Destiny is the thrilling conclusion to the Stone Passions trilogy. While it is not absolutely necessary to read the first two books in the series it is recommended to do so.

Stone Destiny contains mature content and is NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

                The wait is finally over!!!  Armand’s story is here, and I have to say it was completely worth the wait!!!
                I first found A.C.’s works when her book, Stone Lover was free on Amazon a while ago.  With all the supernatural books that are out there, I was completely shocked and happy to find out that she writes about gargoyles.  They are a form of the supernatural that nobody really thinks about, but in her books, she brings them to life in such a way that you want to read more and more about them.
                In the course of her first two books in the series, Stone Lover and Stone Romance, you meet Armand and Ferris.  You are given little hints into their lives, and you do realize that they are true
mates.  But when it comes to their story, you have to wonder what will happen exactly.
                With the way that A.C. wrote this book, there were parts where I was crazy mad at Armand, and almost put the book down because I couldn’t stand what he did! (He was a complete BRAT!!!)  But I just had to find out more of what happened between the two of them.  Ferris has always been a part in the books, and it was amazing to watch as she grew up with the world she was in.  To watch as she fought for the man that she loved.
                The twists and turns of this book will keep you on your toes for sure.  Wanting to find out more to their story, and wondering what else A.C. could think of to add to the stories.
                All in all I have to say that this was a great read, and with the way she ended this book, it leaves hope for more books to come!

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